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The Ghost Pirate (ゴーストパイレート Gōsutopairēto?) is the boss of the Haunted Ship stage from Sonic Rush Adventure. It was created by Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega.


The Ghost Pirate, as its name implies, is a robotic pirate that seems to be a combination between Captain Whisker and Johnny; It has a black pirate hat, a sword, and ripped clothes, something a pirate would typically wear. It is mostly green, with some brown and orange stripes on its long and gray spikes located on its lower legs and lower arms. It has dark green spots on its legs and arms with peach colored clothes. It also has clawed feet that resembles a dinosaur and three clawed fingers.


After Sonic, Tails, Blaze, and Marine find Captain Whisker, he taunts Blaze, telling her to try and take the Jeweled Scepter from him. Whisker then sends the Ghost Pirate against them.


The Ghost Pirate appears to have a cruel sense of humor, as displayed when it successfully attacks Sonic or Blaze.


The battle arena takes place on board a pirate ship with a main deck serving as a grounded platform and a mounted yardarm being a mid-air platform which is slightly shorter than the main deck in length. There are two hooks hanging off from either end of the yard that suspends slightly above the main deck, both which can be jumped and grabbed onto which will fling the player onto the yardarm. The player will need to move between both platforms to avoid most of the Ghost Pirate's attacks although the Ghost Pirate will usually follow the player between attacks. Sometimes, the Ghost Pirate will also dismember himself and charge toward the player.

The Ghost Pirate mainly fights in hand-to-hand combat, swinging his sword and kicking, avoided by keeping a good distance away. It can spew out fireballs from its mouth that trail slowly along the platforms (which will harm even Blaze) and unleash a vortex of fire from its mouth; if the Ghost Pirate uses the vortex while he is on the main deck, the vortex will affect the player if they are standing directly above it. The Ghost Pirate can also fly up into the air and slam down on the ship moments later. When it slams down, the player will be stunned unless they jump when it comes down and if the player is also standing on the yardarm, they will get knocked off it.

The jewel inside the Ghost Pirate's chest serves as its weak spot, and when it is hit a few times, the jewel will detach itself and come to rest on the crow's nest and will stay there until it is hit a few times. However, this does not affect the Ghost Pirate's attack pattern. When the Ghost Pirate lose half of its health, it will gain a new attack, being able to fly high into the air and slam down on the ship creating a yellow shock wave around it. Repeat this process until its health bar is down. When the jewel's health is completely down, the jewel will fly around the stage erratically until the player hits it one more time, ending the fight. However, the player must act quickly, for if the jewel plants itself on the crow's nest again, it will regain some of its health and the battle will continue.





  • The Ghost Pirate is the only boss to be more human-like, unlike the other bosses.

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