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The Ghost Attack[1] is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a technique used by those in the Jade Ghost form that allows them to hover onto a distant target, regardless of obstructions between them.


The Ghost Attack is very similar to the Homing Attack, except it is slower and requires the Jade Ghost, among other things. When using the Ghost Attack, the user locks onto a target from a distance and pulls themselves towards it in a straight line. When doing so, a jade light tether line will emit from the Jade Ghost, which will connect straight to the that target. If used on an enemy, the user will pull themselves towards it and then land a damaging impact upon it. Notably, the Ghost Attack can even lock onto targets behind walls and objects, and then pull the user through the aforementioned obstructions until they reach their target.

In gameplay, the Ghost Attack can be used for both attacking and exploration. When used on enemies, the player charges into and damages enemies like when using the Homing Attack. Like the Homing Attack, the Ghost Attack can also be used to charge toward particular gimmicks, namely the Ghost Anchors. In addition, the Ghost Attack allows the player to phase through solid walls and objects like Unbreakable Containers. This is namely done by targeting a suitable target on the other side on walls and obstacles; once the Ghost Attack is triggered, the playable character will phase through said obstructions on the way to their target. In addition, for each succesful attack on an enemy with the Ghost Attack, the player will recharge the Wisp Gauge slightly with "Ghost Energy".[1]

To perform the Ghost Attack in gameplay, the player must first get near a possible homing target while using the Jade Ghost. Then, when a green cursor appears above the target, use one of the following commands to execute the Ghost Attack:

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