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The Ghost Anchor[1] is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a ball that can be used as an anchor point by the Jade Ghost.


The Ghost Anchor is presented as a simple, swirling ball of ethereal jade energy.


In Sonic Colors: Ultimate, the Ghost Anchors appear in the Area's various Acts, floating in midair in fixed positions. In gameplay, they are only found in the general area of Wisp Capsules containing Jade Wisps. However, they cannot be seen or used normally; it is only when utilizing the Jade Ghost that the Ghost Anchors will appear out of nowhere and remain interactable until the Jade Ghost wears off, upon which they will disappear again. Their main function in gameplay is to provide targets for the Jade Ghost's Ghost Attack to lock onto and home towards. Notably, Ghost Anchors typically appear behind obstructions like walls and objects like Unbreakable Containers, although that does not impede the player's ability to lock onto them. Also, when the player uses the Ghost Attack to home in on a Ghost Anchor, the Jade Ghost will phase through any obstructions along the way. This way, the Ghost Anchors can be used to reach otherwise unreachable paths.




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