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Quotation1 The countdown marking my final revenge on this world has begun! In a few minutes, you will be destroyed! Soon, Space Colony ARK will hurtle through the atmosphere and crash into this world with cataclysmic force! Quotation2
— Gerald Robotnik, "Showdown in Space"

Professor Gerald Robotnik (プロフェッサー・ジェラルド・ロボトニック Purofessā Jerarudo Robotonikku?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. He was a human scientist and the grandfather of Dr. Eggman and Maria Robotnik.[2][3] Acknowledged as the greatest scientific mind in history,[1] Gerald was a world-renowned scientist responsible for several groundbreaking creations, including his greatest achievement, Shadow the Hedgehog.

Over fifty years ago, Gerald led Project Shadow, a medical program for researching immortality. As a part of the program, Gerald created Shadow the Hedgehog. He was later taken into custody by the military when his work was deemed too dangerous. When learning that Maria was killed by the military, Gerald slipped into madness and spent his last days plotting revenge against humanity.


Gerald Robotnik bore a distinct resemblance to his grandson. He had broad and elevated shoulders, a round, almost egg-shaped, torso (though not with as large a girth as his grandson's), had more normal body proportions in the arms and legs, as well as large hands and feet. He also was bald with an oval/dome-shaped head, a chin, a long, large nose, and low-set, average-sized ears. Like Eggman, he also had an oversize mustache, except that his was grey and more ragged. He was also not very tall of stature, only being about half a head taller than Maria.

Gerald's general attire consisted of a purple turtleneck sweater and a white lab coat with black buttons. He also wore blue pince-nez glasses, gray pants and brown shoes.




Not much is known about Gerald, except that he was considered the greatest genius in history during his time.[1] Believing his purpose in life was to bring the people of the world happiness and hope through science, Gerald set out to help the world by dedicating his life's work to the people of Earth.[5] During his carrier, Gerald accomplished things like creating the "pseudo-perpetual mobile Chaos Drive"[6] and the world's first Bernal sphere human space colony: the Space Colony ARK.[7] He also developed the Eclipse Cannon, a massive energy weapon attached to the Space Colony ARK that used the power of the Chaos Emeralds (powerful gems from another dimension) and possessed enough firepower to destroy entire planets.[5]

Eventually, Gerald had a granddaughter named Maria Robotnik, whom he became extremely fond of.[8]

Project Shadow

Over fifty years ago, Gerald got involved in Project Shadow, a medical government operation meant to research immortality and develop a super-confidential superweapon for GUN in the form of the "ultimate creature".[6][9] Despite its shady nature, Gerald's ultimate goal with Project Shadow (according to Maria) was to make a creature that would benefit the good of mankind.[9]

Project Shadow was carried out by Gerald and his fellow researchers onboard the Space Colony ARK.[6][10] The research Gerald conducted during the project eventually resulted in the creation of the Bio Lizard, the prototype of the ultimate creature.[9] After producing the prototype, Gerald went on to create the finalized ultimate creature: Shadow the Hedgehog.[2][10] Using his scientific knowledge, Gerald endowed Shadow with many powers, including immortality and the ability to induce Chaos Control.[11]

Some time after Shadow's awakening, GUN attacked the Space Colony ARK in a violent coup d'état. This was because GUN had come to fear that they could not control Shadow, prompting them to attack the ARK and take possession of Shadow.[7][12] During the subsequent massacre, Gerald attempted to escape with his granddaughter Maria and Shadow.[7] However, Gerald was eventually caught and thrown in the Union Army prison. While incarcerated, Gerald speculated in his diary that his imprisonment was orchestrated by those seeking to take control of the Eclipse Cannon and the Artificial Chaos. Refusing to "succumb to such immorality", Gerald chose to focus solely on the completion of project "Shadow".[6]

While in prison, Gerald saw Maria among the list of casualties when the ARK was shut down and was grief-stricken. Unable to cope with the loss of his granddaughter, Gerald began to lose control of his mind as he could only think of avenging Maria and ending everything, something which terrified him. As a result, he would unwillingly scribble calculations he made for a doomsday plan in his cell on Prison Island. In the end, Gerald lost his grip on reality and went insane, devoting himself to avenging Maria by destroying humanity. Eventually, he secretly created a program with the computer equipment available to him that would cause the Space Colony ARK to fall to Earth and destroy the planet once the seven Chaos Emeralds were placed into the Eclipse Cannon, and set as well the Bio Lizard up to ensure this.[9] In the meantime, Gerald managed to put his finishing touches on Shadow, who had been found by the military and put into suspended animation on Prison Island.[2] By brainwashing Shadow, Gerald altered his memories of what Maria wanted of him as her final wish so that he would carry out his plan once he was awoken.[6][9] He then left a note behind in his diary that encouraged the reader to release Shadow if they wanted to cause global destruction.[2]

Gerald execution ep 38

Gerald at his execution.

Ultimately, Gerald was sentenced to death by gunshot.[9] Just before he was executed, Gerald's last action was leaving behind a recording where he condemned the ungrateful world to destruction for the fate of Maria by giving his estimate for how long it would take for the ARK to collide with Earth.[8]


After his death, Gerald's creations, including Shadow, and his diary were placed under tight security as a part of the government's plot to erase or bury all traces of Project Shadow.[2] Prior to his execution, he also conducted several mathematical equations within his prison cell, which would later be found by Amy Rose on Prison Island.[13]

Fifty years after his death, Gerald's plan to destroy Earth was set into motion when his grandson Dr. Eggman gained possession of his diary. After reading Gerald's diary, Eggman awoke Shadow in an attempt to gain possession of a weapon that would let him take over the world.[2] Like Gerald had intended, Shadow set out to destroy the world to avenge Maria, unaware that he was carrying out Gerald's will.[11] Once the Space Colony ARK was set on a collision course with Earth, Gerald's last video recording was played around the world. Gerald's doomsday plan was averted however by Sonic the Hedgehog and, ironically, Shadow, who managed to recover his true memories of Maria.[8] Saving the Earth nearly cost Shadow his life, but he ended up being saved by Eggman. Afterward, Shadow would go to help Sonic and his allies in saving their universe from the threat of the Metarex.


Before his descent, Gerald was a good man and a profound humanitarian, the very much opposite of his psychotic grandson Eggman. He was devoted to using his intellect to help mankind and bring them happiness and hope through the power of science, which he believed was the reason for his existence.[5]

When his beloved granddaughter Maria was killed, Gerald went through a profound change, as he was consumed by grief and slowly went insane. He eventually became a rage-filled psychopath, developing a deep hatred for humanity who he blamed for Maria's death, and grew obsessed with revenge by committing global genocide. Even in his last moments, all Gerald had to express was his contempt for humanity, and he died a broken man.[8][12]

Powers and abilities

Gerald was an extremely intelligent scientist who was widely regarded as the greatest scientific mind in Earth's history.[1] He possessed many talents, having mastered several areas of study. He was the one who designed the world's first bernal sphere space colony, the Space Colony ARK, which came equipped with living quarters and laboratories surpassing everything available on Earth, and developed incredible devices and machinery such as the Eclipse Cannon, which has the power to destroy planets, and the pseudo-perputual mobile Chaos Drives. His biggest accomplishments, however, include the Bio Lizard and Shadow the Hedgehog, artificial beings with immortal bodies and powers beyond any creature on Earth.





  • According to Eggman, the appearance of the virtual Eggman sprite used in his virtual world scheme was based off of his grandfather's appearance at a younger age,[4] meaning that Gerald's initial hair color was brown much like his grandson's before aging.
  • Gerald's diary entry and ultimately, his motivations, were different in comparison to the games. When he was escorted to the Union Army Prison, he wondered who could possibly believe that someone arrested him. He also implies in his rants in his diary that he was the creator of the "pseudo-perpetual mobile Chaos Drives." He also wonders if his arrest had anything to do with a conspiracy by GUN to take over the Eclipse Cannon and Artificial Chaos, and mentions that Project Shadow is the only thing in his mind, and that he won't stand for such immorality. The diary omits any references to Maria's death or the fact that her death drove him insane. It also contained two cases of swearing in the diary ("Oh, hell" when he discovers that he was going to be locked up in the Union Army Prison and "for christ's sake" when expressing his distaste at being locked up and citing his being the father of the pseudo-perpetual mobile Chaos Drives), a rarity at the time.


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