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George Sommersby[1] was a bulldog Colonel in the Acorn Kingdom Army and worked for the Royal Secret Service under the command of Ian St. John. He was the Secret Service member who survived the crash of the shuttle carrying Queen Alicia and Elias Acorn to the Floating Island. Following this he became the Kingdom of Acorn's liason to the island, living in the Royal Compound with his wife.


George is a mobian bulldog.


The Queen Alicia Incident

During the Great War, when King Maximillian Acorn tasked Commander St. John to escort Queen Alicia and Prince Elias to safety on Angel Island from the Overlanders, Sommersby was among the team picked and led by St. John to protect the royal couple on their journey. Their journey came to an abrupt end, however, as the transport was attacked by an Overlander patrol and, while able to reach the Island itself, crash landed. While Sommersby and Elias survived, the Queen was badly injured and St. John and the rest of the team didn't survive. (KtE: #20, #21)

The royal couple were saved by the Brotherhood of Guardians, who were taken to Haven and kept safe. Sommersby had managed to bail out of the craft before it crash landed, though Moritori Rex, who was posing as the Guardian Tobor, failed to inform the Brotherhood of his survival, hoping the Overlanders would find him first and start a war with the Brotherhood. Sommersby was found and rescued by King Acorn's rescue team. However, Sommersby imposed self exile for his failure to save Queen Alicia and Prince Elias, living in the Kingdom of Acorn's embassy on Angel Island, the Royal Compound. (KtE: #21)

Retired Life

Sommersby lived out the rest of the war in peace with his wife in the Royal Compound. When the Brotherhood turned Elias over to them, Sommersby raised Elias to become strong and adventurous. After the death of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Geoffrey St. John, Ian's only son and new commander of the Service, arrived and escorted the prince and comatose-queen to Mobotropolis, although Sommersby decided to stay on the Island for the rest of his days. (KtE: #21)

After negotiations between Princess Sally and the Brotherhood of Guardians to bring the latter into the fight against Robo-Robotnik failed, Sommersby and his wife had Knuckles and Sally over for dinner. Afterwards, Sommersby and his wife watched as Knuckles and Sally fought and discussed their failing friendship. (KtE: #29)



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