General Raxos (ラクサス将軍 Rakusasu Shogun?) is the leader of the Zoah military and the Zoah Colony. Raxos can be distinguished from other Zoah by having two large metal rings for both shoulders instead of just one on the left, as with all other members of the military. This is possibly to show his high ranking.


Raxos became a General some time before the arrival of the Nocturnus Clan in the Twilight Cage. Imperator Ix challenged Raxos to personal combat and won. As part of the Zoah's tradition of the Challenge, Ix was permitted a single request, and demanded that Raxos pledge allegiance to the Nocturnus. Although Raxos hated the idea of servitude, and Ix in particular, he was honor-bound to comply.

Some time later, he faced Sonic in another trial. Seeing Sonic as a means of freeing himself from Ix's control, Raxos secretly wished for Sonic to win and was pleased when he did. When Sonic did win, Raxos was freed from his earlier oath of allegiance to Ix and gave Sonic the Zoah's Chaos Emerald, which Ix had given them as a secret weapon.

Raxos attended a meeting of the leaders of races, and participated in the attack on Nocturne.


Raxos is best described as "tough but fair", this can clearly be seen when he is determining how to deal with Sonic when he is on trial. He has a strong sense of honor, as he keeps his word should anyone defeat him in battle.

Raxos is somewhat conceited, and, like many Zoah, tends to look down on outsiders and the "non-citizens". He has a strong loathing of the N'rrgal, and is reluctant to have a peaceful conversation with the queen. However, he is shown to care for his people, and despite his militaristic policies, he tries to do what is best for the Zoah.


Numbers of actions 1[1]
HP 600[1]
Speed 33[1]
Attack 35[1]
Defense 45[1]
Luck 20[1]
Damage 40[1]
Armor 25[1]
Resistance Ice (10%)[1]
Wind (25%)[1]
Lightning (50%)[1]
Weakness Earth (25%)[1]
Water (10%)[1]
Fire (10%)[1]

In other media

Archie Comics

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Raxos is a Zoah and the leader of the Zoah inside the Twilight Cage.



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