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Helmut Von Stryker is the violent, prideful, and very fearsome military leader of the Dingo Regime, which has long been at war with the echidnas on Angel Island because they strongly felt that the echidnas were prejudiced against the dingoes.


Although most dingoes are savage-looking, Stryker is even larger and more muscular than the rest of his species. He has brown and yellow fur and blue eyes. He sports a yellow crew cut hair style, and has a nasty scar on his right eye (possibly a battle scar from all the skirmishes he fought in) and missing right eye. He wears green pants, brown cape, brown boots, vest and carries a pistol.


Because of repeated conflicts between the Dingoes and Echidnas a barrier was built to keep the species separate. Shortly after Knuckles discovered this fact the machine Hawking had engineered for that purpose (called a Hyper-wave Projector) began to malfunction, subsequently the dimensional barrier holding the echidnas and dingoes started to fade, and each species was slowly returning back to Angel Island on Echidnaopolis.

Stryker assumed command of the Dingoes and amassed his troops to prepare for war once the Echidnas reappeared completely. But the Hyper-wave projector was unstable and was causing massive damage all around the city. Knuckles and Julie-Su arrived to talk the general into leaving the area before the Dingoes were killed by the damage from the projector's instability.

Stryker refused to heed the echidnas' warning and attacked Knuckles with his "power glove", demolishing his office before Knuckles knocked him unconscious. Stryker and the Dingoes managed to survive but their homes were destroyed in the process. Although the echidnas promised to rebuild the city and take care of the homeless dingoes, Stryker grew impatient. Stryker felt the echidnas were being racist towards the dingoes by 'deliberately' taking such a long time to rebuild the homes. He organized protest rallies (and although they started out peacefully, these rallies grew progressively more violent after Remmington threatened to arrest the Dingoes for civil disobedience). Stryker also took this opportunity to visit an old comrade; Harry the Cab Driver, where it is clear they have had a strong friendship in the past (as mentioned in "the Chaotix caper").

During a corrupt election, the Dark Legion captured Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Stryker through the cybernetically enhanced legion warrior Xenin. Stryker was mocked and tortured along with Knuckles and Julie-Su from Dimitri, head of the Dark Legion and formerly known as Enerjak. Stryker managed to escape the confines of his prison along with Knuckles and Julie-Su and vanished.

Stryker made his return during the Xorda attack. In an ironic twist, the Dingoes and Echidnas found themselves facing a common enemy and agreed to work together to destroy the Quantum Dial. Stryker was part of the first wave of attack.

During Sonic the Hedgehog's one-year-absence from Mobius, Stryker either deliberately ceded control of his army to his son Kage or was overthrown, it was never specified which. As a general, Kage commanded power through fear rather than respect, and he ordered the construction of prison camps to torture echidnas. Kage was known to become brutally violent when his troops displeased him (as evidenced in Issue 140 when he chokes Harry for dropping a breakfast tray and deems him unfit for military service). At some point Kage allied himself with Eggman and was given cybernetic implants to increase his strength. In return Kage was to secure the Master Emerald for Eggman's own use. Although Stryker seems to have disproved of the extreme measures his son took as leader of the Dingo Regime, he was powerless to stop him. When Enerjak was resurrected by Dr. Finitevus, Stryker was the first Dingo to be banished to the Sandopolis Desert, and was quickly joined by his former comrades following the Regime's destruction (revealed by Enerjak as he was about to kill Kage during the destruction of Cavem Canus).

When Knuckles visited the Sandopolis Oasis during his time of reflection, he found that Stryker had taken back control when the Dingo army was exiled, and has lead his people to adapt to the harsh environment they are in to become strong and self-sufficient. Having regained his arrogant opinions of Echidnas, Stryker warned Knuckles that he could expect his army to return to Angel Island. At this point, Knuckles revealed to his former-reluctant ally that he was Enerjak, and came, not to see if the Dingoes were suffering, but to apologize for what he did to Stryker's people and city, and to offer condolences for the loss of Kage. Upon mentioning Kage, Stryker looked for a moment that he might attack Knuckles, but instead turned his back on him, refusing to acknowledge Kage as his son, and instead denounced him as a traitor. As Knuckles departed, Stryker was seen to be crying, because privately, he still cared for Kage and mourned his death.

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