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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Request acknowledged. Proceeding to assist village defenses to protect Cream, Vanilla, and family.

— Gemerl, Sonic the Hedgehog #18

Gemerl is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is a robot that previously served Dr. Eggman. However, after being reprogrammed by Tails, Gemerl became a reformed robot and began living with Cream and her family in Floral Forest Village.[1] He serves as Cream's protector.[2]


Gemerl is a humanoid, mostly black, robot. He possesses five-fingered gray hands and feet in the shape of shoes with black soles and yellow lines around them. His upper arms, abdomen and thighs are gray, and he has spherical black joints as shoulders and pelvis-leg joints. He also has relatively thick armor around his forearms and lower legs, (each one possessing yellow cuffs), fin-like yellow kneecaps, fin-like yellow objects on his forearms, and some kind of jetpack on his back. On his chest, he has three gray circles. Lastly, he possesses a spherical head with a gray mouth plate, blue eyes with red rims, gray caps for ears, and a curved yellow horn with points sticking out from the sides and a blue eye in the center on his forehead.



Gemerl's history, from Sonic the Hedgehog #18.

In the past, Gemerl was turned into a violent robot by Dr. Eggman. As such, all he did was fight and destroy. This brought him into conflict with Sonic and his friends. At one point, Gemerl fought Sonic at the Altar Emerald. In the end though, Sonic and co. did not destroy Gemerl. Instead, Tails fixed Gemerl by turning him into a kind-hearted robot. He then got to live with Cream and her family in Floral Forest Village.[1]

Crisis City

Gemerl aids and apologizes to Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #18.

Gemerl, Cream, Vanilla, Cheese and Chocola eventually got entangled in another threat from Dr. Eggman when the doctor invaded Floral Forest Village in his Faceship. Eggman dowsed a part of the village in a Metal Virus batch, creating a Zombot outbreak. When Vanilla convinced Cream and Cheese to hide with her and Chocola in their house, Gemerl accepted Cream's request to assist the village defenses to protect his family. Gemerl later attacked Sonic when he came through the village, having deemed him the greatest threat to Cream and the family since he was infected with the Metal Virus. Sonic explained that he could keep his infection in check by running, but Gemerl refused to consider Sonic less of a threat. Sonic suggested to Gemerl that he could remove the Metal Virus by interfacing with it, but Gemerl noted that he and the Metal Virus were incompatible. Nonetheless, Gemerl gave Sonic an ultimatum: either run away and burn off his infection or stay and be eliminated. In the end, Sonic chose the former, as his infection was reaching its apogee anyway. With Sonic gone, Gemerl turned his attention to the incoming Zombots and prepared to eliminate them. After firing his first barrage of missiles however, Cream arrived and stopped him. Cream told Gemerl that Sonic and the Zombots were just innocent victims of the Metal Virus, and thus did not deserve to be destroyed. Gemerl deemed this illogical however, because he had to defend Cream. As more Zombots approached though, Cream reminded Gemerl that he was once also programmed to be evil but was given a second chance and could thus live in peace with her family. Realizing Cream was right, Gemerl knocked a Zombot away and promised Cream to fight them non-lethally. After receiving Cream's gratitude and being told to apologize to Sonic when seeing him, Gemerl began occupying the Zombots. However, he was soon surrounded and could not answer Cream's call for aid. Eventually, after getting a few scratches, Gemerl saved Sonic from some Zombots trying to jump on him and apologized as Cream wanted him to. Sonic then told Gemerl that Cream and Vanilla were heading toward the north glade for the Rescue Shuttle. With Sonic covering him, Gemerl headed out to ensure the shuttle got off safely with his family.[1]

Gemerl remained with Cream, Vanilla and the other refugees at Restoration HQ. While there, he was repaired by Tails. One day, when Sonic visited the HQ, he prevented him from entering Amy's office as his infection made him a "biohazard". This made Cream tell the robot off and say that Amy had personally requested to see Sonic anyway. With this, Gemerl moved aside to let Sonic in. Sonic in turn joked that the Metal Virus would make him a "mechahazard", a joke which Gemerl logged under "sass".[3]

The Last Minute

Still at Restoration HQ, Gemerl got into an altercation with Vector the Crocodile, when he and Espio the Chameleon brought back a fully infected Charmy Bee in a Containment Bubble after their mission to rescue civilians from Pine Grove Village. Gemerl was concerned that the Zombot would pose a risk to Cream, however Cream - who overheared the argument - assured Gemerl that Vector and Espio would not let that happen and Gemerl begrudgingly stood down.[4]

Gemerl sets off to retrieve Omega, from Sonic the Hedgehog #22.

Shortly thereafter, one of the Pine Grove refugees revealed himself to be infected and quickly turned into a Zombot, causing immense panic at the base. Gemerl quickly rushed into action, flying in to remove Cream from the situation and in the commotion, Charmy broke free of his container. Whilst trying to escort Cream to safety, Gemerl was attacked by the Pine Grove Zombot, crashing into Amy's office and losing Cream in the process. After receiving assistance from Amy, Gemerl began to head out back into the base in order to find Cream, but Amy ordered him to grab Omega - who had been reduced to a head[3] - and go to the launch bay so he could scan the evacuees for the Metal Virus. Gemerl obeyed, as Amy vowed to find Cream and bring her to him. Gemerl, along with Vector, stood at the launch bay doors, scanning everyone for infection as they made their way through. After Cream and Amy reached the shuttle, Gemerl analyzed that everyone else within the base was infected and Vector began to close the launch bay doors so that the Zombot masses couldn't get through. Before he could, however, Zombot Charmy zipped through the doors, heading to the lone shuttle. With no alternatives, Vector grabbed his infected companion and slammed him into the ground, exposing himself to the Metal Virus. As Gemerl attempted to keep the launch bay doors closed by himself, Vector went through to the other side of the doors with Charmy in order to hold back the Zombot hoard, telling Gemerl to close the doors afterwards. With the shuttle safe, Gemerl advised Amy to leave, noting that Vector's strength would allow his Zombot self to break through the door easily.[4]

Later, after the Restoration got word that Spiral Hill Village was suffering a Zombot outbreak, Gemerl arrived with the team there and created a choke point at the Rescue Shuttle with Amy. Gemerl kept watch for Zombots as well as scanning rescued citizens for any signs of infection from the Metal Virus. When Sonic arrived at the village to meet Amy, Gemerl performed a scan on Sonic silently. After the hedgehog left, Gemerl told Amy that, according to him, the level of infection Sonic had exhibited was higher than previous estimates should allow, meaning Sonic's speed was losing its ability to stop the Metal Virus.[5]

All or Nothing

The Rescue Shuttle eventually went to Angel Island. While there, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Starline and Metal Sonic abruptly arrived via a portal after a run-in with the Deadly Six. While the others discussed current events, Gemerl and Metal Sonic stared at each other. Later, Gemerl watched Tails and Eggman build their Multi-Portal Generator with the Warp Topaz that would take everyone where they needed to go in an instant. Sonic returned from his run and had come up with a plan for who should be assigned with who and what Zeti they should go after. He claimed that since Zeena thought very highly of herself, she underestimates her opponents and assigned Gemerl to her so that he could use this to his advantage. While Gemerl accepted his mission, Cream pointed out how she was not picked to help out. Gemerl told her that it was too dangerous for her to go and stated that she has already proven to be brave; the robot could not lose her as well. After Tails and Eggman finally set the coordinates on the portals, Gemerl began to say his goodbyes to Cream; ever so determined to help outt, the rabbit instead went through the Warp Portal anyway. Now in Sunset City, Cream met Zeena and demanded that she hand over the Chaos Emerald to them. Zeena instead took control of Gemerl, joking that Cream was alone.[6][7]

Gemerl and Cream battle Zeena, from Sonic the Hedgehog #27.

Gemerl, now under Zeena's control, approached Cream. Cream pleaded to Gemerl, stating that he would not let someone else push him around and that he had a kind heart. These words reached Gemerl and he was able to temporarily regain control of himself, giving himself an opportunity to destroy his wireless receiver, thus disrupting the electro-magnetic signals. Annoyed by this turn of events, Zeena instead used her energy tether abilities in conjunction with her Chaos Emerald to control Gemerl's limbs, akin to a puppet. Unable to do anything, Gemerl urged Cream to attack Zeena directly, which she did, landing a direct hit with a Spin Dash. Enraged that the little rabbit was able to land a hit on her, Zeena aggressively slammed Gemerl into the ground and threw him to the nearby Zombots. In the panic, Cream let her guard down and got captured by Zeena. Seeing that Cream was in danger, Gemerl overpowered the Zombots piling on top of him and rushed to her aid, grabbing Zeena by the hair and smashing her to the ground. Gemerl attempted to fly Cream to safety, but Zeena used her tethering abilities once again, causing Gemerl to drop Cream. Before Zeena could fully utilize her abilities, Gemerl flew around her, tying her up with her own energy tethers allowing Cream to take her Chaos Emerald, substantially reducing Zeena's powers. Now defenseless, Gemerl approached Zeena from behind. Noting that she "hurt Cream", he grabbed the Zeti by her hair once again, this time swinging her around before throwing her to the Zombot masses, causing her to get infected with the Metal Virus. Despite their success, Cream revealed that she got infected during the battle and urged Gemerl to return to Angel Island without her, noting that she didn't want anyone else to get sick. Gemerl took the Chaos Emerald and instead threw it into the Warp Portal up above. Gemerl then picked up Cream and flew her out of Sunset City, vowing to stay with her until she was cured.[8] When Super Sonic and Super Silver purged the Metal Virus of the inhabitants of the world, Gemerl rushed Cream back to her mother who she happily embraced. The robot asked if he arrived with acceptable punctuality but decided to wait for Cream and Vanilla to finish their embrace.[9]

Out of the Blue

When Cream and Vanilla did not see where Sonic went, Vanilla asked Gemerl to try and find him. Gemerl instead put up his guard, seeing Zavok approach them. He declared that he would not suffer humiliation from Sonic again and stated that he would tear the world asunder with his bare hands. Instead, Zavok was ambushed by Cheese, Tangle, the Chaotix, Whisper and Silver, the latter of which held the Zeti down with his psychokinesis powers. Gemerl later detected an Eggnet signal and sifted around in the debris of the Faceship to find the source. He discovered Orbot and Cubot. After Orbot told Eggman of their discovery, Gemerl tried alerting the others. He was too late and suffered a devestating blow into his torso by Metal Sonic, which forced Gemerl to deactivate. After Metal Sonic blocked some attacks from Whisper, he dropped Gemerl's body in order to pick up Orbot and Cubot and then fly away.[10]

Gemerl and Vanilla helping the Chaotix Detective Agency, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

Some time later, after Gemerl was repaired, he visited the Chaotix Detective Agency with Cream, Vanilla, Cheese and Chocola to gift the Chaotix with treats for their hard work. So as to relieve them of their more strenuous tasks, Vanilla tasked Gemerl with scanning the date of the missing persons records and prepare a database for all of them.[11] Later on, Gemerl went to Tangle's party that she was hosting in Spiral Hill Village. While there, however, the party was crashed by Eggman arriving in a large mecha with the intent of destroying everyone. Gemerl proceeded to join the attack on Eggman's mecha, but was paralyzed by it and pulled inside it, thereby making the mecha stronger. Thankfully, he was soon freed by Tails and Rouge. However, he was incapacitated and had to initiate a reboot of his system. Eventually though, Eggman was defeated when Sonic returned. After Eggman had departed, Gemerl was embraced by a group hug arranged by Tangle.[12]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Back home, Gemerl was setting the table for Cream when Amy and Rouge called Vanilla on the phone to ask if Cream and Cheese could come with them to White Park Zone to win some spare parts for Omega. During their conversation, Vanilla noted that Gemerl could benefit from some repairs as well, although he was not complaining about his condition after their last fight. On Vanilla's behest, Gemerl traveled with Cream and her friends to White Park Zone. Along the way, they met Shadow, who declined helping them when Amy asked him. Upon reaching the White Park Grand Chateau, Cheese was registered for the White Park Chao Racing Circuit by Rouge, who used a fake alias, and Gemerl noted her predisposition to a lie. After Cheese qualified for the next round, the local Chao racing champion, Clutch the Opossum, approached Amy and Rouge while Gemerl guarded Cream and ordered him to step back. Stepping in, Rouge spoke to Clutch, who accepted a meeting with her later on.[13] The next day, Gemerl accompanied Cream and Cheese to breakfast before going with them to the next rounds of Chao Racing. After Cheese won a place in the semi-finals, Rouge wanted to take them with her, but Gemerl and Amy refused to let her. Rouge then explained that she planned to use Cheese to trick Clutch by offering him Cheese in exchange for the parts they needed, only to turn the tables against him. Amy agreed on the plan, but on the condition that they all visited him together. Gemerl also went with them to Clutch's suite. There, he got provoked by Clutch when he mocked him, but Rouge held him back. After Shadow showed up and knocked out Clutch however, Gemerl and Cream discovered the cage in which Clutch kept his Chao that had lost their races. Cream wanted to free them, and Gemerl admitted that they could do so, but that it would not be easy.[14]

Gemerl protecting Cream at the cost of himself, from Sonic the Hedgehog #36.

When Amy arrived with Sonic and Belle the Tinkerer, Gemerl and Cream were still trying to open the cage that the Chao were locked in, but could not do it without hurting the Chao. However, Belle offered to help them out since tinkering with things like locks were her specialty. Before they could open the cage however, Clutch managed to recover and activate the Badniks in his suite, before disappearing. Gemerl proceeded to protect Cream and Belle from the lesser Badniks while Amy fought a Snowy.[15] Gemerl fought off the subsequent Badniks, but at the same time took substantiel damage from them. Cream asked him to back off, but Gemerl decided to stand his ground, insisting that he had to protect her at all costs. Shortly thereafter, Gemerl got hit by a charging Motobug. Fortunately, he was saved by the Chao freed by Belle. Cream then helped Gemerl up and assured him that he would always have friends who would do their best to help him. Gemerl thanked her for that. After the Badniks had been destroyed, Gemerl took part in the evacuation of the chateau, as an avalaunche was approaching it. Along the way however, Gemerl's group was obstructed by Dr. Starline. Fortunately, Starline was stopped, and the avalanche collided with the chateau without causing considerable damage. After then returning to Tails' Workshop, Gemerl was repaired alongside Omega. Tails then suggested that Omega should test out his new body by sparring with Gemerl, who admitted that he could teach Omega a thing or two.[16]


Gemerl is designed to be a learning robot,[16] making him capable of growing wiser and developing with each new experience. Possessing an artificial intelligence, he is likewise capable of making independent decisions. Originally though, all Gemerl cared about was fighting and destroying. After being reprogrammed by Tails however, Gemerl became a gentle and caring robot towards his friends and adopted family. For this reason, he is ready to do whatever it takes to protect Cream's family.[1]

Gemerl is greatly devoted to Cream and her family, and will defend them by any means necessary. He is in fact so devoted to those he protects that he tends to get overzealous and go too far in his execution, like attacking a friend or innocents when he deduces that they are posing even the most miniscule of threats, willingly or not. He will also not hesitate to use lethal force against his opponents. While these actions may make him seem like a jerk (as Sonic plainly puts it) or even a ruthless machine just following his programming, they can actually be traced back to a genuine emotional desire to protect those he care about. Furthermore, Gemerl can learn from his mistakes and accept exceptions to his regulations because of his commitment to Cream. As a testament to this, Gemerl is able to show regret about his actions and admit mistakes in his procedures, like when he hesitantly admitted that he was not "operating optimally" when he attacked an infected Sonic.[1]

Gemerl uses a very robotic and computer-based speech pattern. He also tends to take comments too literally.[4] Outside of that, he is remarkably life-like, being able to make gestures and understanding arguments that apply to emotional and moral values.[1] However, he often has trouble grasping the risky decisions living creatures make, which he believes are illogical and self-destructive.[4] He also appears to possess somewhat of a temper, as he does not take kindly to insults directed at him. When he believes he has been insulted, he is ready to rush into battle unless he is reigned in.[14] Despite this, he is able to incorporate a bit of humor into his personality.[3] He is also tactful and understands when he needs to remain silent.[9]

Powers and abilities

Gemerl firing his missiles, from Sonic the Hedgehog #18.

Gemerl is a very powerful robot. He possesses incredible speed, enough to earn even Sonic's acknowledgement, and is capable of flight using a jetpack on his back. He is also able to fire missiles that cause fairly small explosions, and possesses enough strength to overwhelm several Zombots at once. He is also able to bond with machines, although he cannot bond with machines whose infrastructure is incompatible with his.[1]


Cream the Rabbit

Gemerl shows his care for Cream, from Sonic the Hedgehog #26.

Being a devoted defender of Cream the Rabbit first and foremost, Gemerl places her safety and well-being as his top priority, even above his own, and is willing to do anything for her sake.[1][8] Sometimes, however, Gemerl has trouble grasping her commands and can take them too literally without considering exceptions to her regulations. Upon further introspection however, he is able to understand Cream and update his behavior.[1][4] In additions, his often excessive actions come from an genuine emotional desire to protect Cream from any and all threats.[1] As an example of his devotion, Gemerl considers himself happy as long as Cream is safe and can become angered by anyone who harms her.[8]

Cream strongly believes that Gemerl has a good heart. As such, she believes that he should not left anyone boss him around. Her belief in Gemerl and the bond they have are in fact so strong that Gemerl was able to hear Cream while under Zeena's control and even break free from the female Zeti's control by destroying his signal receptors. He later cruelly punished Zeena by throwing her into a horde of Zombots when she wanted to harm Cream. Also, when Cream fell victim to the Metal Virus, Gemerl took her to safety with him and promised to stay with her until the end.[8] Cream also does not expect Gemerl to be perfect and does not want him to risk his life for her sake. Instead, she believes that they make a much better team when they are helping out each other and can thus get out of any crisis.[16]

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a friend of Cream and thus a friend of Gemerl. During the Metal Virus plague, however, Gemerl saw Sonic as a threat to Cream, as the former had been infected with the Metal Virus. As such, when they met, Gemerl ordered Sonic to leave so he could force his infection into remission. However, he later apologized to Sonic over how hostile he been towards, claiming that he was not operating optimally in that situation.[1] Despite this, he would later treat Sonic distrustfully and refused to let him into Amy's office in the Restoration HQ due to his infection.[3]

Rouge the Bat

Gemerl is wary of Rouge the Bat and her intentions for Cream, having noticed her cunning predisposition. In turn, Rouge has commented Gemerl on his lack of humor. Despite this, she has managed to reign him when he threatens to use force in the wrong situation.[13]


During their first meeting, Zeena took control of Gemerl and tried to make him hurt Cream. Gemerl, however, managed to remember who he was, thanks to Cream's words of comfort, and freed himself from Zeena's control. After Zeena almost hurt Cream however, Gemerl brutally dealt with her and threw her into a horde of Zombots.[7][8]





  • In the Sonic Advance 3 Strongest Strategy Guide book, Gemerl's name is spelled "G-merl". It was likely changed to be Gemerl as it closely resembles the spelling of Emerl, which was the reasoning for the previous incarnation's name change.
  • Despite first appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog #18, Gemerl already made a cameo appearance on cover RI for Sonic the Hedgehog #9.

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