The eight known gems for Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Gems[1] are objects that appear in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are small and rare crystals from Soleanna. In gameplay, the Gems are Level Up Items that Sonic can use to alter the appearance of his shoes, giving him specific Custom Actions. Gems can be purchased from the shop, but are only available after certain levels are completed.


When beginning the game as Sonic, the first Town Mission involves an old shoemaker named Alberto Robert. He has created the ultimate shoes, known as Custom Shoes, that use the power of Soleanna's mysterious stones to transform. He lets Sonic try out the Custom Shoes, and when the results of this test are successful, he is so proud of the shoes that he lets Sonic keep them.

List of Gems

Gem Custom Action Price (Rings) For sale
Green Gem Tornado 5,000 After Tails' Wave Ocean
Red Gem Slow 5,000
Blue Gem Mach Speed 7,000
White Gem Homing Smash 8,000 After Kingdom Valley
Sky Gem Gun Drive 10,000
Yellow Gem Thunder Guard 12,000
Purple Gem Scale 14,000


  • The gems are "emerald cut", and thus look like the Sol Emeralds.
  • In the demo, it was hinted that an eighth gem, the Rainbow Gem, would have been included in the final game, but the idea was scrapped as the gem's function was never completed. However, it is believed that it would have caused Sonic to become Super Sonic.[2]
  • Due to the Action Gauge never being correctly implemented for Sonic's gems, the gauge never drains, and as a result the gem powers can be used indefinitely. 


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