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The Gear Part (ギアパーツ Giapatsu?) is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a type of performance-enhancing technological modifications to Extreme Gears which grant the player a variety of special abilities during a race.


Gear Parts are performance-enhancing components that can be installed into Extreme Gears.[1] When activated, the Gear Parts provides the user of the Extreme Gear with various abilities and/or upgrades during a race, ranging from upgrading the Extreme Gear's basic attributes to granting additional abilities such as the ability to grind on rails. In gameplay, this allows the players to gain extra advantages during a race, such as giving them a boost in their stats, allowing more efficient traversing of the tracks or even influencing the contents of Item Boxes.

Game appearances[]

Sonic Riders series[]

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[]

Gear Part SRZG

HUD of the Gear Parts in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

The Gear Parts made their first appearance in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. In this game, Gear Parts come as components pre-installed into the Extreme Gears available in the game. Each Extreme Gear can have a maximum of three Gear Parts and no Gear Parts at all as a minimum. For those Extreme Gears with Gear Parts, they possess a permanent set of specific Gear Parts, meaning that their Gear Parts cannot be exchanged with others.

In gameplay, while in a race, the Gear Parts will remain inactive until the player acquires and trades a specific number of Rings to activate each of those Gear Parts, with each Gear Part requiring a certain number of Rings. When activating a Gear Part through a process called "Gear Change", the Extreme Gear is covered in an orange-colored void indicating that the Extreme Gear is modified with that Gear Part coming into effect.

As long as the player has enough Rings to activate a desired Gear Part, the player can activate any Gear Part on the Extreme Gear. That means that the player does not need to activate the Gear Parts in the order of which they become active, but can choose to not use the Rings on the available Gear Part and save up Rings until the desired Gear Part becomes active. However, some Extreme Gears' Gear Parts may require a previous Gear Part of that Gear activated before they can be activated (in addition to having the required number of Rings). Such Gear Parts are indicated as gray circles with a question mark which are replaced with the actual Gear Part icon once the activation pre-requisites are fulfilled.

To activate a Gear Part in gameplay, the player has to press the following buttons:

PS2 Wii (remote) - sideways Wii (remote) - forward Wii (Nintendo GameCube Controller)
PSTriangleButton WiiDSA Up on Controlpadds Gamecube Y Button

Sonic Free Riders[]

Gear Parts return in Sonic Free Riders, but with different gameplay mechanisms. Unlike in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the Gear Parts are separate from the Extreme Gears and the player can equip any Gear Part to available Extreme Gear, as opposed to having specific Gear Parts pre-installed into the Extreme Gear, allowing a larger range of abilities an Extreme Gear can possess during a race. The player is required to spend Rings in the shop to acquire more Gear Parts in addition with purchasing Extreme Gear.

Most Board type Extreme Gear can be equipped up to two Gear Parts of any type while most Bike type Extreme Gear can only be equipped with one Gear Part. All Bike type Extreme Gears, however, cannot be equipped with "Power Skill", since all Bike type Gears come equipped with the Power Skill by default.

While racing on a Board type Gear, only one Gear Part is active at a time. The player's stance when playing the game is what determines which Gear Part is currently in effect. By switching the player's current stance (by facing in the opposite direction), the player can activate the other Gear Part equipped to the Extreme Gear, while deactivating the first.

List of Gear Parts[]

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[]

Name Icon Description Extreme Gear(s) with Gear Part
Air Ride Air Ride Icon Transforms the Extreme Gear into an Air Ride-type Gear, granting air riding capabilities. GP Accumulator, Night Sky, Omnitempus, Psychic Wave, Rainbow, Smile, Temptation, Type-W, Wind Star, Yellow Tail
Angel/Devil Angel Devil Icon Changes the Extreme Gear into Angel/Devil mode. Angel • Devil
Attack Time UP Gp5 - Copy (2) Extends the duration of Attack. Mag
Auto Wall-Run Auto Wall Run Icon The rider can automatically access wall-route shortcuts without using Gravity Control. Kunoichi, Shinobi
Base Stats UP Gp5 Improves the Extreme Gear's basic stats. Mag
BGM Change Gp7 Transforms the Extreme Gear into a new form in addition with the BGM. Hang-On
Bike Bike Icon Transforms the Extreme Gear into a Bike-type Gear, allowing it to crash through obstacles and barricaded routes without slowing down and gaining GP in the process. Omnitempus, Power Egg, Rainbow, Red Rock, Road Star, Type-S
Durability UP Durability UP Icon Improves the Extreme Gear's endurance. Advantage P, Cover F, Cover S, Master Off-Road, Skill Booster
GC Boost UP Gp11 Increases the speed boost from Gravity Control. GC Booster, GC Master
Ghost Ghost Icon The rider and the Extreme Gear becomes invisible to the opponents and the rider's character icon disappears from the minimap. Kunoichi, Shinobi
GP Gain UP GP Gain Icon Increases the amount of GP gained from performing GP-earning actions by 50%. GP Accumulator
GP Gauge UP Gp6 Increases the Extreme Gear's GP Gauge. Airship, Black Shot, Blue Star, E-Rider, Flame Lance, GC Master, GP Accumulator, GP Tank, G Shot, Hyperdrive, Light Board, Master Off-Road, Night Sky, Pink Rose, Power Egg, Psychic Wave, Rail Linker, Red Rock, Rhythm Machine, Shooting Star, Smile, Temptation, Type-J, Type-S, Type-W, Wind Catcher, Yellow Tail
GP Usage UP Unknown Icon Grants unlimited GP for 25 seconds. Can be used repeatedly. Mag
Grind Grind Icon Allows the Extreme Gear to grind in Grind Areas. Black Shot, Blue Star, Faster, Fastest, Flame Lance, G Shot, Hyperdrive, Light Board, Omnitempus, Pink Rose, Rainbow, Rhythm Machine, Type-J, Shooting Star, Turbo Star
Item Rank +1 S0RG item icon Increases the chance of getting beneficial items from Item Boxes. Beginner
Magnetic Barrier Magnet Barrier Icon Attracts nearby Rings.

Chaos Emerald, The Crazy

Max Speed UP Max Speed UP Icon Increases the Extreme Gear's top speed. Advantage S, Airship, Black Shot, Blue Star, Cover F, Cover P, E-Rider, Faster, Fastest, Flame Lance, Pink Rose, Power Egg, Psychic Wave, Rail Linker, Red Rock, Rhythm Machine, Skill Booster, Smile, Temptation, Type-J, Type-S, Type-W, Untouchable, Wheel Custom, Wind Star, Yellow Tail
Parts Lock Gp4 Grants Parts Lock to opponents. Magic Broom
Ring Cap UP Ring Cap UP Icon Increases the number of Rings the rider can carry. Bingo Star, Chaos Emerald, Gambler, The Crazy, Wanted
Starting Speed UP Start Speed UP Icon Increases the Extreme Gear's acceleration. Advantage F, Cover P, Cover S, Rail Linker, Road Star, Turbo Star, Wheel Custom
Status Trap Gp4 - Copy (2) Grants Speed Down to opponents. Magic Broom
Tank Tank Icon Fully refills the player's GP Gauge. Reserve Tank
Trick Rank +1 Trick Rang Icon Increases the Rank of the player's Tricks by one. Legend
Throttle Gp8 Grants the player one of three abilities: Ring Cap UP, GP Gauge UP and Max Speed UP. Throttle
Vision Trap Gp4 - Copy Grants Colorball to opponents. Magic Broom
Wheel Wheel Icon Turns the Extreme Gear into a Wheel type Extreme Gear, allowing it to burst through obstacles and make Slide Turns. Road Star, Wheel Custom, Master Off-Road
Yacht Yacht Icon Turns the Extreme Gear into a Yacht type Extreme Gear, granting air riding capabilities and lets it automatically ride opponents' slipstreams for acceleration. Airship, Wind Star

Sonic Free Riders[]

Name Icon Description Price (Rings)
Grind Skill Grind Icon SFR Enables the use of the Grind skill. N/A
Air Ride Skill Air Ride Icon SFR Enables the use of the Air Ride skill. N/A
Power Skill Power Icon SFR Enables the use of the Power skill. N/A
Start Speed UP Start Speed Up Icon SFR Increases initial acceleration. N/A
Max Speed UP Max Speed Up Icon SFR Increases top speed. N/A
Durability UP Durability UP Icon SFR Decreases speed loss due to poor terrain. N/A
Air Saver Air Saver Icon SFR Decreases Air consumption. 500
Cornering UP Cornering UP Icon SFR Increases cornering ability. 250
Trick Boost Trick Boost Icon SFR Yields an extra boost after landing a Trick. 150
Rapid Dash Rapid Dash Icon SFR Increases top speed when Kick Dashing. 250
Rapid Stream Rapid Stream Icon SFR Increases top speed when in a rival's slipstream. 400
Extra Air Extra Air Icon SFR Increases Air Gauge capacity. 250
Air Plus Air Plus Icon SFR Increases Air earned by landing Tricks. 400
Invisible Invisible Icon SFR Turns the user invisible, avoiding all attacks. 1,500
Ring Eater Ring Eater Icon SFR Pulls in nearby Rings. 1,500
Big Air Big Air Icon SFR Increases jump height when performing tricks. 600
Item Lock: Rings Item Lock Rings Icon SFR Item Boxes yield Rings. 250
Item Lock: Air Item Lock Air Icon SFR Item Boxes yield Air. 250
Music Change 1 Music Change 1 Icon SFR Changes the music to "High Flying Groove". 1,500
Music Change 2 Music Change 2 Icon SFR Changes the music to "Un-Gravitify". 1,500


  • In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, most characters tend to say "Gear Change" when activating a Gear Part. On a similar note, most characters in Sonic Free Riders tend to say "Switch" when switching stances to activate the other Gear Part.


  1. Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity instruction manual.

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