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Stronger blue Iblis Worm with lasers.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Gazer[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are a breed of supernatural beasts conjured up by Iblis.


Gazers are nearly identical to the Iblis Worms, but have a different color scheme. They resemble segmented worms composed of purple and black lava, and their back and head are covered in rock-like armor. They have no eyes or other visible facial features, and their mouth is composed of three creeping mandibles.


The Gazers are some of the least common enemies, only showing up in a few later Action Stages. They appear in Shadow's version of Aquatic Base, Wave Ocean and Dusty Desert, Silver's version of Aquatic Base and Flame Core, and in the End of the World.

Gazers have several attack patterns. One of them consists of them bursting out of the ground, which will release shockwaves that can damage the player. Rumbling dust will indicate where they will appear. Close up, they can breathe black gas or swipe their bodies around, and for long-range attacks, they can throw fireballs at the player (which can be grabbed with Psychokinesis). In addition, their fireballs will explode upon impact, dealing damage should the player be caught in their range. They can also dive into the ground, releasing harmful shockwaves upon impact as well. If the player is within range, they will try to reach them by diving underground, even if the distance between is blocked by a door. Although the Gazers cannot bypass such doors, they can still launch their attacks at the player.

A Gazer can take four hits before it is destroyed, after which they release Light Cores. It is also very difficult to paralyze them with moves like Psycho Shock and Chaos Spear as when they move, they can sometimes block the attacks with their bodies.

Occasionally, a Gazer's command system is linked to the lesser members of its kind, allowing them to commandeer them. At the same time, should the purple worm be destroyed, all of its underlings will fall as well.[2]


The Gazers are completely mindless creatures acting purely on instinct and only exist to cause destruction wherever they are.

Power and abilities

The Gazers are slightly stronger than their corresponding cousins. In addition to greater endurance, they breathe a special black gas instead of flames, and can create purple spiked fireballs to spit out and explode upon contact. They are also capable of burrowing underground.





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