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You may be looking for Transformation Gate.

A Gate when selected during the World Tour.

The Gate is an object that appears in the World Tour mode of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Gates are only map objects that diversify and separate certain missions and unlockables from each other. Gates are often scattered in each chapter of the the World Tour and require a specific number of stars to open them up, which can be obtained through completing missions before them.

List of gates

Sunshine Coast

Location Purpose
Gate1sun.jpg To separate the first two Race events from the rest of the Tour for difficulty balance.
Gate2sun.jpg To separate the chapter Sunshine Coast from Frozen Valley.

Frozen Valley

Location Purpose
Gate1frozen.jpg To separate the first few events from special map objects like a slot machine and unlocking Shadow the Hedgehog.
Gatefrozen2.jpg To separate the chapter Frozen Valley from Scorching Skies.

Scorching Skies

Location Purpose
Gatescorching1.jpg To unlock Console Mods for various characters.
Gatescorching2.jpg To unlock NiGHTS.
Gatescorching3.jpg To separate the chapter Scorching Skies from Twilight Engine.

Twilight Engine

Location Purpose
Twilightgate1.jpg This gate is used to unlocked the other half of the map, leading to events that unlock Joe Musashi.
Twilightgate2.jpg To separate the chapter Twilight Engine from Moonlight Park.

Moonlight Park

Location Purpose
Moongate1.jpg Leads to a set of events to unlock Gum.
Moongate2.jpg To unlock Gilius Thunderhead.
Moongate3.jpg To separate the chapter Moonlight Park from Superstar Showdown.

Superstar Showdown

Location Purpose
Supergate1.jpg Separates the first few missions from the rest for a difficulty effect and for Unlocking Reala and various console mods.
Supergate2.jpg To unlock AGES and end the World Tour.

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