Quotation1.svg 1 of the players will be transformed into a giant. The rest must defeat the giant while avoiding being stepped on! Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Game Rules), Sonic Shuffle

Gargantua is a 1 vs 3 minigame in Sonic Shuffle.


Quotation1.svg If you see a countdown, watch out! When the number reaches 0, a mine will explode! Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Advice), Sonic Shuffle

Dr. Eggman arrives in his Egg Mobile and grows the solo player to an enormous size. The solo player must chase down the other three players and squash them flat, and they can also stun them by jumping. Each of the three players is equipped with a gun. They must approach the giant until the screen prompts them to shoot, at which point they must press and hold DreamcastA.png to fire their gun until the giant's health bar is depleted. There are also several mines scattered around the arena which randomly explode, damaging the giant and stunning the others.

If the solo player survives until the end, they win 20 rings, plus 10 rings for every player they crushed. If the solo player is defeated, the three players win 20 rings apiece (those who got crushed only win 10).

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