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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Game Guy (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Game Guy".

[A vehicle is chased by Swat-Bots. It lands, and Ari gets out and runs away]
[Scene change: Sonic and Sally are dismantling a ship]

Sonic: Any year now, Sal!
Sally: You know, your unremitting perseverance is an example to us all, Sonic.
Sonic: Say what?
Sally: Just move it.
Sonic: Hold on to your socks, Sal!

[Sonic carries a rope with an anchor, rising the ship’s pieces]

Sally: That’s good Sonic!
Sonic: Yeah! Any cool stuff for the Deroboticizer?
Sally: No, nothing yet.
Sonic: Man, what is all this junk? Hey, check this! A toaster!
Sally: Oh my Gosh, Sonic! That’s a magnetic field generator!
Sonic: You mean it’s not a toaster? Then what’s it do?
Sally: It’s a very powerful magnet.

[Scene change: Antoine, Tails and Dulcy in the Lookout]

Antoine: Magnifique! My princess Sally, I’m seeing my love for you is like a huge fungo salad, my little tomato... You are the onions of my eyes... The gray flowers of my ear... The cucumber...
Tails: Ant, you’re making me hungry. Besides, we’re supposed to be lookouts.
Dulcy: That’s right, Tony. Lookout!

[Antoine shouts. Tails and Dulcy laugh] [Scene change: back to Sonic and Sally]

Sally: Wow, it’s still in excellent shape!
Sonic: Let’s check it out!
Sally: Careful Sonic! Switch that on and you’ll attract every piece of metal within 50 feet.
Sonic: Woah! That could be ugly.
Antoine: Yoo-hoo! Alló, ma princesse!
Sonic: Ew, speaking of ugly...
Antoine: I have written for you, my princess! I’m falling in love with you!

[Antoine slip makes the ship’s pieces fall]

Sally: Sonic, the magnet!

[Sonic retrieves the magnet. Antoine falls from a tree]

Sonic: Nice landing, Ant. You gotta teach that to Dulcy.
Sally: Are you OK, Antoine?
Antoine: Moi? But of course, my princess. I’ve never been so much better...

[Scene change: back to the Lookout]

Tails: Dulcy, check this out! Somebody is coming.
Dulcy: [sees Ari and the bots through camera] Oh, oh! Swat-bots! You better tell Sonic!

[Scene change: Back to Sonic, Sally and Antoine]

Tails: Sonic! Sonic!
Sonic: What’s up, big guy?
Tails: Sonic, SWATbots! They’re chasing some guy this way.
Sonic: Some guy?
Tails: Yeah, over there!
Sonic: I’ll check it out!
Sally: Sonic, lead the bots back here.
Sonic: Say what?
Sally: I’ve got an idea, trust me.
Sonic: You got it, Sal.

[Sonic starts running. Ari is surrounded]

Ari: Hahahaha! I’d like to stay, boys, but I have places to go and people to see!
Sonic: Ooh, way cool moves, bud! Get ready to roll! I’ll draw these bots off!
Ari: Thanks but, why would they follow you?

Bot: Emergency order override. Hedgehog. Priority one.

Sonic: That’s why! Rip and Slip Time!!

[Sonic leads the bots back to where Sally and Tails are waiting]

Tails: Here they come! [Sally activates the magnet and it attracts and deactivates the bots] You got them, Aunt Sally!
Sally: That’s the power converter. The magnet deactivated the bot. We can use a lot of these parts for the De-Roboticizer.

[Scene change: Night time. Antoine and Dulcy playing cards and the others talking]

Dulcy: Do you have a seven, Antoine?
Antoine: Go fishing. You’re having a...four?
Dulcy: Go fishing. I need a nine.
Antoine: Go fishing. You’re having a...
Ari: So, I was on the way to this old fortress where Robotnik’s holding my Freedom Fighters. And...
Sonic: Wow! Did you say “Freedom Fighters”? Like us?
Ari: Not exactly. We’re only six. Well, we were seven. Now there’s only me.
Sally: Isn’t that interesting? We’ve never heard of other Freedom Fighters.
Ari: Well, before today, we’ve never heard of you either.
Sally: Look, anyone can say they’re a Freedom Fighter.
Sonic: Yo Sal, you’re being mondo rude!
Sally: No, Sonic, I’m being mondo cautious. We know nothing about him. I don’t know, something...just doesn’t feel right.
Sonic: Like what?
Sally: Like here we are, in the middle of nowhere, and another Freedom Fighter just happens to show up?
Sonic: Sal, give the guy his props.
Sally: Props?
Sonic: Proper respect, lady. Bots were chasing him.

[Scene change: Robotropolis. Robotnik’s Control Room]

Sally: Fine. But Robotnik controls the bots.
Snively: The princess may be a problem, sir.
Robotnik: Aah, but the rodent believes him, Snively...and that’s what matters.

[Scene change: Back to Sonic and Sally]

Sonic: Yeah, well I trust him.
Sally: Well I don’t.
Sonic: I do!
Sally: I don’t!
Ari: Excuse me. I don’t wanna cause any trouble, so thanks for your help. I’ll handle it from here. Good luck.
Sonic: Smooth move, Sal.
Sally: Sonic, you’re being too reckless, as usual.
Sonic: Hey, what’s so reckless about trusting somebody? You guys take the junk back to Knothole. I’m gonna help Ari.

[Scene change: Sally, Tails and Antoine riding on Dulcy, who is asleep]

Sally: Dulcy! Dulcy!
Dulcy: What?
Sally: That tree!

[They crush and land in Rotor’s lab]

Dulcy: I’m home, ma...

[Bunnie is nursing Dulcy]

Dulcy: I didn’t do it, ma...honest.
Rotor: Now we connect this wire, and...
Bot: Awaiting instructions.
Sally: What are your orders?
Bot: Orders, pursue Freedom Fighter Ari...Do not capture...Drive to the fortress. Coordinates 3-6-2. Use Ari to force Priority One Hedgehog into trap.
Rotor: Where?
Bot: Fortress. Coordinates 7-5.
Sally: [Gasps] We have to warn Sonic.

[Scene change: Sonic and Ari approaching the fortress]

Ari: Sonic, put these on!
Sonic: What are they for?
Ari: That patch of sand up ahead. Vibrations trigger hidden whirl pools. Look, just avoid the red areas!
Sonic: No problem, Ari!

[Scene change: Dulcy flying with Sally on her back]

Sally: I know this is asking a lot, Dulcy, but can you go faster?
Dulcy: OK!

[Scene change: back to Sonic and Ari]

Sonic: Man, it looks totally deserted. You sure your Freedom Fighters are in there?
Ari: Yeah, I saw them.

[Ari pushes a button, a flying bot appears]

Ari: Sonic!
Sonic: Got it, no problemo! [Sonic runs and the bot chases him] Man, this guy is a real pain in the... [Gets bitten] Yaaay! Wow, that’s rude, man! Better teach you some manners. [He hides in the ground and waits for the bot to pass. When he does so, he goes up again and throws him to a red area] Ooh, his bite was worse than his bark!
Ari: Are you all right, Sonic?
Sonic: Yeah, as long as I don’t sit down.

[Scene change: Back with Dulcy and Sally, arriving to the scene]

Sally: There’s Sonic! Dulcy, could you...?
Dulcy: I know, I know, faster, faster...

[Scene change: Back with Sonic and Ari. Sonic is just about to open the door]

Ari: Sonic, wait!
Sonic: What’s up?
Ari: That door isn’t friendly.
Sonic: Woah, that would have smoked my sneakers, big time! [Ari opens the door with a remote control] You sure know a lot about this place Ari.
Ari: We have a good intelligence network.
Sonic: So do we. We’ll make a great team!

[Sonic and Ari enter]

Sally: Sonic!
Sonic: Huh? Sal? [Ari pushes the remote again and the door suddenly closes] Ah!
Dulcy: Hold on, Sally!

[They crush]

Sally: Dulcy, are you all right?
Dulcy: I’ll pick up my room later, ma...

[The fortress turns into a Robotnik fortress]

Sally: Oh my gosh, Dulcy... This is trouble!
Dulcy: There won’t be any trouble, ma...

[Scene change: Back to Sonic and Ari, looking at a TV monitor]

Sonic: Yo! What’s up with the weirdo TV?
Ari: We have to unscramble it to get in.
Sonic: You mean like eggs?
Ari: Hmm...similar. [Ari manages to open the door] That’s it!

[They enter the dark room, where Ari’s friends are captive]

Sonic: Man oh man! Are those your Freedom Fighters, Ari?
Ari: I’m afraid so.
Sonic: Let’s spring ‘em! [Sonic quickly runs into one of the captured FF, but he disappears] Heh! What’s up, Ari? What’s going on?
Ari: I’m sorry, Sonic. I wish there were another way.

[The door closes]

Sonic: Hey Ari! Open up, man!
Robotnik: I’m afraid you’re stuck with me, Hedgehog. But not to worry. I promise you won’t be bored. Heeheeheehee!
Sonic: Robotnik.

[Scene change: Again outside the fortress]

Dulcy: OK. When I push this button, I’m gonna fly backwards and rip out the door.
Sally: Dulcy!
Dulcy: Trust me...
Sally: Wait! Don’t!
Dulcy: This will work!

[Dulcy crashes...again]

Sally: Dulcy, talk to me!
Dulcy: I’m fine ma...
Nicole: Analysis complete, Sally.
Sally: Bad news first, Nicole.
Nicole: No access possible. Doors all code-locked.
Sally: Great! [Door opens] Come on, Dulcy!

[They enter the building and see Ari getting inside a hovercraft]

Dulcy: Where’s Sonic?
Sally: I don’t know. But get ready to move. [Hovercraft flies off and the doors close again] I have to find out what’s going on. Dulcy, can you catch that hovercraft?
Dulcy: It’ll be a stretch, but I’ll try.

[Scene change: Dulcy and Sally chase Ari]

Sally: Dulcy, faster!
Dulcy: OK, but I’ll have to crack the whip.
Sally: Crack the what?
Dulcy: The whip!
Sally: Dulcy!

[Scene change: Back with Sonic and Robotnik]

Robotnik: Are you ready to play, my favorite rodent?
Sonic: Play what, chrome dome?
Robotnik: A little game I created. Just for the two of us. [Pushes a button]hehehehehe!
Sonic: Oh, man!
Snively: Sir, we have the hedgehog in the palm of our hand. Why not just...just

squash him now?

Robotnik: Oh no Snively. I’ve been waiting far too long for this moment. I want to savor it. Hehehehe! Activate.
Snively: Activating, sir.

[Sonic starts levitating]

Sonic: Yo Robuttnik, what’s up?
Robotnik: are, hedgehog. [Sonic gets stuck into a ball] Comfortable, rodent?
Sonic: Let’s do it, Robuttnik. I don’t have all day.
Robotnik: That’s true. You don’t. Activate.

[The pinball reveals itself]

Sonic: Oh, no! Something tells me I’m not gonna like this game.

[Portal opens]

Robotnik: Fascinating, isn’t it hedgehog? It’s a dimensional warp I created years ago.
Sonic: You need to get out more, Robuttnik.
Robotnik: There are still some techno problems to solve. It seems that those who enter...never return. [Portal closes] Oh well, life is not perfect.
Sonic: Perfect means never having to see you again, moon-head!
Robotnik: Be careful what you wish for, rodent! Here are the rules. Hit your bumpers, and the portal closes a little. Hit my bumpers and...well...even you can figure that out! [Sonic gets sucked to the start area] Let the game begin!
Sonic: Should have listened to... [The game begins] Saaaaal!!!! Huh, you wanna play, huh, Robuttnik? Well check this! [Portal closes] Bye bye portal. You lose, bullet-head!
Robotnik: Silly hedgehog. That was just the warm-up. I didn’t want you to...strain yourself.

[Game continues and Sonic gets into a freezing machine]

Sonic: Mondo problemo... [Game continues and the portal opens again. Robotnik pushes a button] Oh man!

[A virtual image of Robotnik with a hockey stick appears]

Robotnik: One small step for the rodent, one very large stick for me!

[Hits Sonic]

Sonic: You’re history, Robuttnik!
Robotnik: I admire your spirit, rodent, but this game is far from over.

[Releases bots, which Sonic sucks into the portal]

Ari: All right Robotnik. I delivered Sonic, now release my Freedom Fighters.
Sally: Ready, Dulcy?
Dulcy: Ready.
Robotnik: Of course dear boy, I always keep my promises. Snively!
Snively: Sir?
Robotnik: Bring in Ari’s friends.

[Ari’s friends come in. However, they are roboticized]

Ari: What is this, Robotnik? We had a deal.

[Dulcy is breathing heavily]

Sally: Hurry, Dulcy!
Dulcy: You think this is easy?
Robotnik: Deals only exist to be broken, dear boy. You’ll feel better once you’re


Ari: One day Robotnik, you’ll be on the other end of this!
Robotnik: Oh, please, all this drama gives me a migraine.
Dulcy: I hate doing this. OK, ready! [Falls in front of Robotnik] Hello.

[Robotnik gasps and then gets frozen]

Snively: Oh, no! [Gets frozen]

[Ari destroys the Swat-Bots]

Sally: Thanks, Ari.
Ari: No, no, princess. I should thank you.

[Scene change: Back to Sonic and Robotnik. Sonic struggles to free himself]

Sonic: Oh man! Pinball is...a tough game. [Portal closes] I’m outta here!
Robotnik: Hehehehee...Don’t strain yourself, blue boy. The game isn’t over until the hedgehog screams! [Game continues] Hahahahaha!

[Scene change: Dulcy, Ari and Sally go back to the fortress in a different ship]

Sally: I’ll be right back. [Retrieves magnet]
Ari: Excuse me, princess. [Takes the magnet]
Sally: Ari, wait! [Ari is opening the door] Ari, what are you doing?
Ari: Stay back, princess. The door has a defensive system.

[Door closes]

Sally: Ari!

[Scene change: Back with Sonic. Portal re-opens]

Robotnik: Having fun yet, Sonic?
Sonic: Man, I need a big juice. [Tries to pull out a Power Ring, and almost gets sucked into the portal, but he’s suddenly attracted to the opposite way] Hey, what’s up?
Robotnik: What is this?

[Sonic gets attracted to the magnet Ari has]

Sonic: Ari, thanks.
Ari: I thought you could use a hand, Sonic, but now we’re both in trouble.
Sonic: No prob! Help’s on the way. Way cool!

[Gets powered up by the Power Ring]

Sonic: Get ready to turn that sucker off! Now, Ari!

[Ari de-activates the magnet, and Sonic destroys the pinball]

Robotnik: Finally, the Power Ring! Play time’s over.
Computer: Destruct mode. Count down. 5...4...3...2...1...Activate.

[Everything starts to get sucked into the portal, and so does Ari]

Sonic: Ari! [Catches him] Hang on, Ari!
Ari: Sonic, I’m sorry! I didn’t this. He has my Freedom Fighters.
Sonic: Just hang on, pal!
Ari: Sonic, listen! There are other Freedom Fighters besides us. I don’t know how many, but they’re looking for Sally. The list! Her father’s list!

[A wheel hits him and he gets sucked into the portal]

Sonic: Ari! Oh no!

[Scene change: Outside]

Sally: Sonic!

[Sonic gets out and hugs Sally]

Sonic: Yeah!

[The fortress gets all sucked into the portal]

Dulcy: Is...Ari...
Sonic: Gone. He’s inside that thing.

[The portal disappears]

Sally: It’s a vortex. With luck, we can figure it out and bring him back.
Sonic: I hope so. He saved me from going in there.

[Scene change: Knothole]

Sally: Other Freedom Fighters? And you’re sure he said “my father’s list”?
Sonic: That’s right, Sal.
Sally: What can it be? A list of other Freedom Fighter groups?
Sonic: Who knows? You’re the one who didn’t trust Ari.
Sally: But, unlike some hedgehogs who leap before they look, I have the ability to learn.
Sonic: Hey, I can learn!
Sally: I think not.
Sonic: “I think not”. What’s this thing?

[Gets electrocuted. Then he looks himself in the mirror and scares himself]

Sally: I rest my case.
Sonic: Duuuh, funny. Very funny.