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"Game Guy" is the fifteenth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the fifteenth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the fourteenth episode of the series. It first aired on 10 September 1994.








The episode begins with Swat-Bots onboard hover vehicles chasing a Hover Unit across the desert. Eventually, the Hover Unit crashes into a forest river, and out of it comes an anthropomorphic ram, who begins to run away from the Swat-Bots, who continue to pursue him. Elsewhere, Sonic and Sally are mounting a hook with a rope attached to it to a destroyed Hover Unit, which they intent to pick and probe for valuable materials. Upon Sally's order, Sonic runs away with the rope in-hand, causing the helm on the Hover Unit to be forced open. Once Sally tells him to stop, Sonic binds the rope to a tree stump, and together with Sally, he starts to rummage through the busted Hover Unit. Sonic soon asks sally if she has found anything for the De-Roboticizer, but Sally replies that she has not found anything yet. Soon after though, Sonic finds a powerful magnet, much to Sally's surprise. Meanwhile, Tails and Dulcy are watching the area through binoculars from a watchtower in the trees. Antoine eventually comes up to the pair and begins reciting a poem he has written for Sally, but Tails interrupts him because the poem's reliance on food metaphors are making him hungry. Dulcy then frightens Antoine when she tries to remind him that they are on lookout duty, causing Antoine to jump out of his shoes in fright.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Sally have sat on the magnet on a tree trunk. Sonic wants to turn it on, but Sally warns him that it will attract every piece of metal within fifty feet. Antoine immediately after comes running in to present his poem to Sally, but trips ond accidently grabs the rope that Sonic has tied up. The rope's knot then comes undone, and Antoine is pulled with the rope as the Hover Unit's helm comes down. At the same time, the helm is falling down on Sally, but Sonic manages to save her. Upon Sally's insistence, Sonic also saves the magnet, and together with Sally, he helps Antoine, who falls down to the ground after letting go of the rope, get up. At the same time, Tails and Dulcy notice the Swat-Bots chasing the anthropomorphic ram. Tails tells Sonic about it, and before Sonic can set off to drive the Swat-Bots off, Sally tells him to lure the Swat-Bots to her. Despite some doubts, Sonic decides to follow Sally's instructions without hesitation. Meanwhile, the Swat-Bots manage to drive the anthropomorphic ram towards a tree, but he manages to avoid the Swat-Bots' laser fire and jumps onto a nearby branch. Sonic soon after comes running and offers his help, but the ram does not know why the Swat-Bots would change their target. It soon turns out though that Sonic is the priority target for the Swat-Bots, who immediately begin targeting him. Sonic proceeds to lure the Swat-Bots into chasing him, while Ari runs in the opposite direction. As Sonic lures the Swat-Bots towards Sally, Sally activates the magnet, causing the Swat-Bots to be pulled towards the magnet and be deactivated. Afterwards, Sally pulls the power converter out of one of the Swat-Bots so that they can use it later for the De-Roboticizer.

Laster at night, Dulcy and Antoine are playing cards by a bonfire, unware that they are being spied on by a Surveillance Orb. Meanwhile, the ram, who is revealed to be named Ari, tells Sonic, Tails and Sally that he was one out of seven Freedom Fighters, but Dr. Robotnik managed to catch his companions, and now he was all alone. Having never heard of other Freedom Fighter groups before, Sally does not believe that there are other Freedom Fighters out there, and that virtually anyone can go around calling themselves that. Sonic, however, believes Ari's story and begins to argue with Sally, Meanwhile, back in Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik and Snively are following the conversation through the Surveillance Orb. Snively notes that Sally could be a problem, but Robotnik remarks that the important thing is that Sonic is believing Ari. Back in the forest, Ari interrupts Sonic and Sally's argument and says that he should leave in order to not cause anymore trouble. Sonic, however, decides to help Ari and leaves his friends to take the parts for the De-Roboticizer back to Knothole Village.

Later, Sally, Antoine and Tails are riding on the back of Dulcy, who is flying over the Great Forest. Ducly, however, has begun to doze of in mid-flight, forcing Sally to wake her up. Dulcy, however, does not realize that she is flying towards a tree in time. As such, the heroes fly straight into the tree, leaving them to fall straight down into Rotor's workshop. There, Bunnie sees to Dulcy's recovery while Rotor connects the head from one of the Swat-Bots that were chasing Ari to his device and the heroes forces the robot head to talk. The Swat-Bot promptly reveals that they were deliberately chasing Ari under orders not to capture him in order to get Sonic's attention and lure him into a trap. Taking notes of where the trap is located, Sally remarks that they have to warn Sonic.

Meanwhile, at a pyramid-looking structure, Sonic is carrying Ari on his back towards the pyramid. While Sonic is running, Ari hands Sonic his goggles, which allows Sonic to see patches of hidden sand that will turn into whirlpools when exposed to vibrations. Thanks to the goggles, Sonic is able to avoid them. Meanwhile, Sally is having Dulcy fly her as fast as she can towards Sonic. At the same time, Sonic and Ari have arrived on front of the pyramid. Upon seeing the structure, Sonic doubts that there are anyone to be found here, but Ari insists that his Freedom Fighters are here. While Sonic is not looking however, Ari pulls out a remote and presses a button on it, causing a mechanical flying head with sharp teeth to emerge from the pyramid and begin chasing Sonic. Taking on the challenge, Sonic tries to run away from the floating head. However, the floating head is able to keep up with him and begins attacking him by extending a smaller mouth with teeth from its mouth. Getting ahead of the floating head, Sonic gets around the corner of the pyramid where he notices a hidden whirlpool in the sand with his goggles. Getting an idea, Sonic uses his Super Spin to burrow underground. Once the floating head reaches Sonic's position and looks around for him, Sonic jumps out of the ground and knocks it into the whirlpool of sand. Spinning around in the whirlpool, the floating head is soon swallowed by the sand, leaving it buried underground. Ari then runs over to Sonic, who rubs the spot on his rear where the robot bit him.

Up in the sky, Sally sees Sonic and urges Dulcy, who is getting tired from flying, to fly faster. Down at the pyramid, Sonic intends to open the door to the pyramid, but Ari stops him and warns him of danger. As a demonstration, Ari throws a rock at the door, which disintegrates upon hitting the door. While Sonic is not looking, Ari pulls out his remote and secretly unlocks the door with it. Sonic asks Ari afterward of how he knows so much about this place, to which Ari replies that they have an intelligence network that is providing him with good information. Sonic notes that his Freedom Fighters have a good network too, and that they are going to make a great team. As the two enter the pyramid however, Sonic hears Sally's voice calling out to him. Turning around, he sees Sally come towards him on Dulcy. Sonic tries to walk towards them, but Ari suddenly closes the door with his remote. Outside the pyramid, Ducly turns away from the closed door, only to crash land and collide with a stone pillar and get dazed. Sally then sees the pyramid turn into a Robotnik fortress right in front of her.

Inside the fortress, Sonic and Ari are walking through the corridors until they come upon a television that is nothing but static. Ari notes that they need to get the television unscrambled in order to open the door in front of them. Sonic thus waits for Ari to press the appropriate combination of buttons on a nearby panel. Once he is done, the door opens. Inside the next room, Sonic and Ari find what appears to be Ari's Freedom Fighters bound in energy shackles. Sonic runs up to save the Freedom Fighters, but upon reaching them, they suddenly disappear, having been nothing but holograms. Ari then apologizes to Sonic and uses his remote control to lock Sonic inside the room. Sonic starts hitting on the door, telling Ari to open it. Turning around, Sonic sees a large pinball table and Dr. Robotnik on a monitor. Meanwhile, Sally and Ducly try to get inside the fortress. While Sally looks through Nicole, Dulcy plans to use the magnet she has been carrying to tear the door apart. As she activates the magnet however, Sally tries to stop her. Being too late, Sally sees Dulcy getting pulled into the door by the magnet and knocked silly. Sally thus turns off the magnet and tries to help Dulcy back to her senses. It is then that Nicole tells Sally that entering the fortress is impossible. A moment later however, the door opens, and the duo hides. Inside the fortress, the two see Ari getting into a Hover Unit and flying away. With the door to the fortress closing right behind him before Sally and Ducly can get in, the heroines decide to follow Ari and find out what Sonic is up to. As they chase after the Hover Unit however, Dulcy has trouble keeping up with it. As such, she uses her tail as a whip to propel herself forward at high speed. Ramming into the Hover Unit, Dulcy and Sally hold onto it as it flies towards Robotropolis.

Back inside the fortress, Dr. Robotnik greets Sonic and introduces him to the game he has prepared for him, before turning on the lights in the room. Snively suggests that they should destroy Sonic now that they have the chance, but Robotnik declines that idea, as he wants to enjoy this moment. At Robotnik's command, Snively activates the pinball table's features. Sonic is then picked up by a tractor ray before getting deposited into a metallic glass sphere. Meanwhile, bumpers all around the pinball table are activated. Robotnik then opens the portal to the Void in front of him - an interdimensional warp he created years ago. However, Robotnik reveals that due to some technical glitches, those that enter the Void cannot escape. Robotnik then explains the rules of his game. If Sonic's hits his bumpers, the portal to the Void will close a little, but hit Robotnik's bumpers and the portal open up. In addition, both contestants will score points by hitting their respective bumpers. Sonic is then pulled towards a spring catapult by an invisible force. Landing in front of the spring catapult, Sonic is launched forward by the spring catapult with great force. As a result, Sonic bounces around on the table and hits Robotnik's bumpers. In the end, however, Sonic manages to stop and begins scoring points for himself by hitting his own bumpers. The portal to the Void subsequently closes completely, but Robotnik insists that this was just a warm-up.

A flipper soon after emerges from the table, which bounces Sonic into Robotnik's bumpers, causing the portal to the Void to open again. Eventually, Sonic falls into a mouth-shaped recess with teeth, from which cold air come out. As a result, Sonic and his ball are completely frozen. A solid hologram of Robotnik wielding a hockey stick then appears and hits Sonic's ball. Though Sonic is send flying across the table, he manages to stop up and thaw out. Sonic then resumes earning points for himself until Robotnik releases Swat-Bots riding hovercrafts onto the pinball table. The Swat-Bots subsequently begin to chase Sonic around, but Sonic manages to lure them towards one of the flippers. By pushing the flipper, Sonic is able to rebound each of the Swat-Bots, who fall into the portal to the Void, never to return. This frightens Robotnik. Immediately afterward, Robotnik is interrupted by the arrival of Ari. Having delivered Sonic into Robotnik's trap as promised, Ari demands that Robotnik releases his Freedom Fighters, as dictated by their agreement. Meanwhile, Sally and Dulcy are eavesdropping on Ari and Robotnik's conversation from a ventilation shaft. At the request of Sally, Dulcy begins to suck in air. Meanwhile, Robotnik tells Snively to bring in Ari's friends. Ari's group subsequently arrives in the escort of two Swat-Bots, except they are all now Worker-Bots. Furious, Ari reprimands Robotnik for breaking their deal. Unfazed, Robotnik has his Swat-Bots take Ari away to be roboticized. Back in the ventilation shaft, Sally tells Dulcy to hurry it up, to which Dulcy replies that the trick she is about to pull off is not easy. Eventually, Dulcy has sucked in so much air that the grille in the ventilation shaft collapses under her weight. Landing just in front of Robotnik, Dulcy uses her ice breath to freeze Robotnik before doing the same to Snively. In response, the Swat-Bots abandon Ari in order to capture the intruders. Ari, however, destroys them by charging into them with his horns, and thanks Sally for everything.

Back in the fortress, Sonic has scored a lot of points by hitting his bumpers, thus closing the portal to the Void again. However, Sonic is exhausted from all his efforts and tries to escape the glass sphere keeping him trapped. However, a partially thawed-out Robotnik soon appears on the monitor and reconfigures the pinball table to have even more flippers, which he uses to bounce Sonic into his bumpers again and reopening the portal to the Void. Meanwhile, Sally, Dulcy and Ari arrive at the fortress in a stolen ship. Upon landing, Sally takes out the magnet from earlier, but Ari takes it from her and runs up to the door. Sally wants to join him, but Ari tells her to stand back because the door has defense systems. Ari proceeds to open the door with the remote control and runs inside before closing the door behind him, leaving Sally and Dulcy trapped outside.

Back on the pinball table, Sonic comes to a stop after being bounced around by the flippers. Exhausted, Sonic replies that he needs a boost and pulls out a Power Ring from his backpack. Before he can use it however, a flipper hits him, causing Sonic to drop the Power Ring and be send towards the open Void portal. Before Sonic can enter the portal however, Ari shows up and pulls Sonic in with the magnet. After Ari explains the whole misunderstanding, Sonic forgives him and calls the Power Ring to him. He then tells Ari to prepare to turn off the magnet. Tapping into the Power Ring's power, Sonic starts to accelerate inside the glass sphere. Telling then Ari to shut off the magnet, Sonic charges forward as a high-speed projectile and destroys almost the entire pinball table. Seeing that Sonic has resorted to the Power Ring however, Robotnik turns on the countdown to the portal's self-destruction and turns off the monitor. A moment later, the portal to the Void opens and begins sucking everything inside it. Ari is almost sucked in, but Sonic catches him in the last moment at the edge of the portal. Apologizing for everything that had happened, Ari tells Sonic to find the other Freedom Fighters, who are looking for Sally. He also mentions a list belonging to Sally's father before a piece of debris knocks him into the portal. Having no other choice, Sonic escapes the fortress and meets up with Sally and Dulcy outside it. Soon after, Robotnik's fortress is completely suck into the portal, which shortly afterward dissolves into thin air. Seeing how Sonic's feels about Ari's sacrifice to save him, Sally consoles Sonic, telling him that maybe they can find a way to free Ari one day.

Back in Knothole, Sonic tells Sally about her father's list. Sally assumes that the other Freedom Fighters might been on it. Sonic proceeds to make fun of Sally by reminding her that she did not trust Ari. However, Sonic is in turn ridiculed by Sally. After Sally leaves for a moment, Sonic decides to examine a device Sally has left in front of the computer. When Sonic presses a button on the device however, he is electrocuted. Pulling out a mirror, Sonic is shocked to see that the electricity has frizzled his quills. Sally returns a moment later and laughs at what has happened to Sonic, much to the hedgehog's annoyance.



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Czech Hra Game
French Ç'est pas du jeu It's not a game
German Freund oder Feind? Friend or Foe?
Korean 게임의 왕자 Prince of the game
Latin American El jugador The player
Russian Игрок The player


  • The episode was novelized in Sonic the Hedgehog: Friend or Foe? by Michael Teitelbaum, but its connections with the deeper mythology of the series were cut. Instead of a portal to the Void in Robotnik's oversized pinball machine, there's a black hole, and Ari is not sucked in.
  • Robotnik's oversized pinball machine could be a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball, considering that game also uses references from this show.
  • When Rotor first appears in this episode, he's singing the main theme to the opera Ride of the Valkyries.