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This group exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
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The Gambler Sheep are a group of Mobians who lost all their money by gambling with Robotnik's goon, Smiley.


Having lost everything they own, Smiley offered to let them win everything back on a single shell game with his High Voltage Flimflammer, but Sonic the Hedgehog won back their things for them. Although they promised not to be tricked again so easily, they were quickly suckered into going to Casino Night Zone, where they were literally robbed of their possessions again and had to resort to wearing barrels. Sonic fixed the rigged casino games so the sheep could win back all their stuff again. However they then bet their own freedom on a race between Sonic and Grounder. Little did they know, Sonic had to throw the race to save his best buddy, Tails. The Sheep were forced into laboring for Robotnik in the desert. The Gambler Sheep were later rescued by Sonic.[1]


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