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Galloping Graeme from Sonic the Comic #122. Black and white art by Bob Corona and colour by Steve White.

Galloping Graeme is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was a TV chef on Mobius in the days following the downfall of Robotnik. He was a brown-furred horse with a blond mane and tail. He was the host of Pizza the Action.


Graeme hosted a new cookery show called Pizza the Action. In one episode, he has Tails as his celebrity guest and he was going to demonstrate the recipe for Chocolate Pudding Surprise. Unfortunately, as he was displaying one he'd made earlier, it started swelling up until it filled the entire studio, and Tails had to rescue the audience from "death by chocolate".

After the crisis was sorted out, Graeme thanked Tails for his help, while Tails told Graeme that he suspected that the pudding mix had been sabotaged. Just then, Graeme was accosted by the Two Skinny Llamas, who blamed him for stealing their half-fat cream. They were then accused by yet another celebrity chef of putting mushy peas in his oven glove. Soon, even more TV chefs arrived and degenerated into an all-out food fight. Tails managed to stop the fight, and the chefs realised that one chef was missing: Gerry Corfu was nowhere to be seen.

After Tails exposed and defeated Gerry Corfu, Graeme thanked Tails for stopping Gerry's "half-baked plans" for TV domination.[1]


  • Galloping Graeme is a reference to celebrity chef Graham Kerr, who was best known for his TV series The Galloping Gourmet.


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