The Galaga Bee[note 1] is an enemy in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a mass-produced bee-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman.


Based on honey bees, the classic Galaga Bee has an almost spherical body with black and yellow thorax armor. It also has four thin legs, a pair of yellow wings, and an orange and black-striped rear. Additionally, the classic Galaga Bees wear orange and green pilot glasses and have antennae with thick ends.

The Galaga Bees from around the time of the Phantom Ruby incident resembled their classic selves much, but had more bee-like body proportions. While their thoraxes were yellow, their abdomens were orange and back with orange stingers. They also had rockets on both sides, smaller antennae, no legs, honeycomb hexagon wings, and different textures.

Game appearances

Sonic Lost World


Sonic defeating Galaga Bees one at a time while receiving an increasing amount of points.

The Galaga Bees made their first appearance in the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. The player encounters the Galaga Bees in Desert Ruins Zone 2 and Sky Road Zone 1.

Inside the honeycomb tunnels of Desert Ruins Zone 2, swarms of Galaga Bees will pop out from holes in the walls and start flying forward in lines, looking out for the player. In Sky Road Zone 1, Galaga Bees fly in lines within tubular routes. Some of these swarms fly directly forward while others circle around the tubular routes.

in gameplay, the player can attack Galaga Bee swarms using a Focused Homing Attack. When doing so, Sonic charges forward and defeats these Badniks quickly one by one as he skips up their line while receiving an increasing amount of points for each Galaga Bee (in order: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200). In Sky Road Zone 1, the player has to use the Focused Homing Attack on Galaga Bee swarms in this manner to cross wide bottomless pits along the tubular routes.

Sonic Forces


Galaga Bees in Sonic Forces.

In Sonic Forces, the Galaga Bees received a more modernized look. They make an appearance in the Episode Shadow DLC, where they are encountered in Enemy Territory and Virtual Reality.

Like in Sonic Lost World, the Galaga Bees are flying one after another in gameplay. When a player attacks them with the Homing Attack, Shadow will start destroying the whole group by Spin Attacking them one by one as he skips up their line. This way, the player can overcome long distances, reach shortcuts, and cross dangerous obstacles.


  • Like many of the new enemies that debuted in Sonic Lost World, the name of the Galaga Bees was not listed in any official sources. Instead, it is referred to in the game's source code.[note 1]
  • On the map icon of Desert Ruins Zone 2, a Galaga Bee can be seen flying around it.
  • The Badnik's name is a nod to the 1981 arcade shooter game, Galaga.
  • Several unused models of the Galaga Bee in Sonic Lost World can be seen, including one with a shield and purple visor and one with a lance and red visor.




  1. 1.0 1.1 In-game's source code contains multiply named variations of the enemy which include Galaga Beenor, Galaga Beegar, Galaga Beecar and Galaga Beespe. All of these can be the same enemy with only different behaving patterns.

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