The GP Gauge[1] is a game mechanic that appears in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It is an energy gauge used for storing Gravity Points.


The GP Gauge is a silver gauge with a retractable energy bar which is set in the lower left corner on the screen that has different colored regions depending on the current capacity of the GP Gauge coloring from blue, green, yellow and red. On the left end, it has a silver-framed disk with a colored inner circle where the color depends on the playable character.


The GP Gauge is a mechanic available to all playable characters in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. In gameplay, it measures how many Gravity Points the player has available for special actions (Gravity Control and Gravity Dive). The more Gravity Points the player accumulates, the more will the GP Gauge increase until it reaches maximum capacity. For most Extreme Gears, the default maximum capacity is 100. Pulling off special actions will in turn drain the GP Gauge, and if it empties, the special actions cannot be performed.

Certain factors can manipulate the GP Gauge. The GP Gauge UP Gear Part can increase the GP Gauge's maximum size by 25-50 points, while the Chaos Emerald disables the GP Gauge completely.



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