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The G.U.N. Shuttle[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by the Archie Comics. It is a subsidiary shuttle vehicle to the Guardian Units of the Nation.



As the name implies, the G.U.N. Shuttle resembles a space shuttle, except it has two vertical wings on the main horizontal wings and four collapsible feet to stand on the ground on. It features mostly a light-blue pain job with some red stripes on the wings and the G.U.N. symbol on both sides of the front of the ship.

Features and abilities

The G.U.N. Shuttle is equipped with a machine gun on the front and a huge depot in the back for the G.U.N troops and their allies. Being used for transportation, it is quite fast, allowing quick transportation around the world.[1][2]


Shattered World Crisis

Total Eclipse

When on the hunt for Eclipse the Darkling after the destruction of the New Black Comet, Team Dark used the G.U.N. Shuttle to travel to Angel Island where Eclipse's escape shuttle had landed.[2]


RCO013 1468422768

The G.U.N Shuttle, from Sonic Universe #87.

After getting King Acorn's approval to search for Eclipse and the Master Emerald's shards around Westside Island, Shadow invited Knuckles and Amy onboard the G.U.N. Shuttle which took them to the Mystic Cave Zone, the centerpoint of their search.[1]


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