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"Fuzzy Puppy Buddies" is the forty-seventh episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It aired on 31 August 2015 in France and on 10 October 2015 in the United States.


Amy and Dr. Eggman bond over a tabletop figurine game called Fuzzy Puppies. When the gang finds out, they begin to worry about her safety.



For the transcript of this episode, see Fuzzy Puppy Buddies/Transcript.

At the beginning of the episode, Amy is in her house playing a tabletop figurine game called "Fuzzy Puppies" against herself. The rest of the team walk in, and she tells them that this game is becoming very popular, though the others do not believe it. Amy heads to Meh Burger where she sits at a table with other players, when Dr. Eggman shows up and declares that he too takes interest in the game. In the midst of a battle between Eggman and Team Sonic later on, the two agree to have a meeting at Eggman's lair before Amy knocks him and his Eggmobile over the horizon with the piko hammer; there, Eggman shows Amy his collection of figurines, but one of them, the Fancy Poodle piece that Eggman has been looking for, is missing. Amy decides to teach Eggman the rules of the game. The goal of Fuzzy Puppies is to eliminate the opponent's puppies from the board. Amy then tells what each puppy can do. One of them, a bulldog, tracks mud in the house and is thus instantly removed from the game, yet Amy keeps her on the board as a good-luck charm. After Eggman plays several rounds against Amy and the other players, Amy admits that he has mastered the game.

Sonic and the rest of the team suspects something is up with Amy and head to her house to investigate. As they spy on Amy setting up food (during which Knuckles teases Sonic with how it seems like Amy is setting up for a date), they see Dr. Eggman. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks burst through the window and Sonic ties Eggman up with a curtain. To cover their friendship, Amy and Eggman awkwardly pretends to admit that Eggman was indeed attacking Amy, and Eggman runs off. However, the group suspects something is up and Amy admits her newfound friendship with Eggman and that they are going to Puppy Con tomorrow. Suspecting Eggman is up to something, Sonic, despite the risk of ruining his image by showing up on a Fuzzy Puppy fan convention, decides the team are heading there to keep an eye on the pair.

At the convention inside town hall in the Village Center, Amy and Eggman walk around admiring all the things there when Eggman sees the Fancy Poodle figurine he is missing. However, it belongs to the Walrus Child, so Eggman starts negotiating. While this is happening, Amy buys a Cuteness Hat from Zooey, who explains that this accessory makes a certain puppy adorable. Then, somebody cries for help, and Team Sonic runs to the rescue. It appears that two members of the Lightning Bolt Society are rolling boulders down a hill, but the team disposes of them. While Dave is being arrested, Eggman has stolen the Fancy Poodle and reveals that Orbot and Cubot were masquerading as the Lightning Bolt Society members as a distraction. Amy then challenges Eggman to a game; if Amy wins, Eggman must give the Fancy Poodle back, but if she loses, Eggman will take her bulldog.

A crowd gathers around the table to watch the challenge. Eggman plays very well, and only the bulldog is left on Amy's side. Suddenly, Amy places the Cuteness Hat on top of the bulldog, saying that since she is adorable, she will not get blamed for tracking mud around the house; thus, she blames it on Fancy Poodle. Though initially refusing to do so until Amy threatens to end their friendship, Eggman finally gives up and gives the Fancy Poodle back to its original owner. Amy and Eggman are then playing another game in the lair as the episode ends.


  • When Sonic tells his team not to look at him while they are spying on Amy, Sticks' eyelashes are gone.
  • In the shot of the decorated town hall, Lady Walrus can be seen walking inside the building, but in the next scene she is already inside.
  • When Eggman demands Amy's Gurdy the Bulldog if he should beat her in Fuzzy Puppies, the gasping crowd in the next shot is suddenly standing much further into the room than they did in the previous shot.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Chiot choupinou copinous Darling Puppy Buddies
Russian Пушистые собачки Fluffy dogs


  • This episode was first revealed by the series' cast at the Sonic Boom event in 2014 where they did a live reading of parts of the script.
    • Coincidently, this episode premiered exactly one year after its table script read on the 2014 Sonic Boom event.
  • This episode's title name was first revealed by Bill Freiberger on his Twitter account.[2] Also, the term bears little resemblance to one of R.E.M.'s title song, Shiny Happy People.
  • Knuckles putting on sunglasses and making a pun as Dave is taken away is a reference to Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami, whose trademark gesture is putting on his sunglass at the beginning of the episode prior to making a dramatic remark.
  • There were many rumors that there would be a strong reveal of Sonic and Amy's romantic relationship. However, this was turned down because the plot never shown any references to the relationship.
  • Puppy Con is based on real-life Comic Con.




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