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Fuzzy Puppies is a game that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a puppy-themed tabletop battlegame centering around strategy, cunning and aggression. Although a subject of ridicule, it is very popular, having gained a large fan base on Seaside Island.[1]


Fuzzy Puppies die

The die for Fuzzy Puppies.

Fuzzy Puppies is a tabletop figurine game in which two players takes turn playing puppy figurines on a segmented hexagon board using a multi-faced die. Each player uses a set of four puppy playing pieces. The goal is to eliminate all the opponents' puppies from the board using their own, much like chess.[1]


Puppy pieces

The Puppy game pieces.

Puppies are the primary playable pieces in the game. Each piece is a cute miniature figurine of a puppy with its own distinct design and name. Each puppy has its own unique abilities for gameplay (i.e. trapping an opponent's piece for three turns, removing pieces from the board, removal of pieces etc.) which are derived from dog attributes.[1]

Puppies are arranged into categories, like "enforcers", "decoys dogs", "assist pups" and "defense mutts." The different puppies come in different rarities.[1]


Puppy accessories

A Puppy with the Ice Tiara accessory.

Accessories are the secondary game pieces in the game which can be used during one's turn. They resemble different types of miniature headwear for the puppy pieces. When put on, they power up the pups.[1]


TV series

Season one

Puppy Con

Puppy Con in full swing.

A relatively new game, Fuzzy Puppies quickly got a large fan base around Seaside Island's archipelago, giving rise to fan clubs, player meetings, and playing piece collectors. The game in particular let Amy and Dr. Eggman bond over their passion for the game. Under Amy's tutelage, Eggman grew from a collector to a top player. When Eggman began stealing playing pieces at Puppy Con though, Amy made him give back his loot after a game of Fuzzy Puppies to keep their friendship.[1]

Season two

After the Fuzzy Puppy bubble burst, crates of unsold figurines got stored in the local Fuzzy Puppy Warehouse while Fuzzy Puppy collections plummeted in value. To raise his collection's value, Eggman tried destroying the surplus of figurines, but was foiled by Team Sonic. Orbot later bought the surplus of figurines at discount prize and conducted a scheme that made the public buy and sell Fuzzy Puppy figurines in a way that earned him a high profile and raise the value of Eggman's collection.[2] Later, to bond with Knuckles for an evil plot, Charlie later had a game of Fuzzy Puppies with him, which he lost (and did not take well).[3]

List of Fuzzy Puppies pieces


  • Fancy Poodle: An exceedingly rare piece.[1]
  • Dirk Doberman: A supposed heavy-hitter.[1]
  • Goldie the Retriever: Digs holes to trap an opposing piece for three turns.[1]
  • Gertie the Bulldog: The weakest piece in the game. Tracks mud in the house when moving, causing immediate removal from the board.[1]
  • Missy Malamute[1]
  • Pitbull Paulie: A supposed heavy-hitter.[1]
  • Pugnacious Pup[1]
  • Schnauzer[1]
  • Sharleen Sharpay: Has a bark that can scare smaller dogs off the board.[1]
  • Slobbering Sheepdog[1]
  • Warrior Beagle[1]


  • Cuteness Hat: Makes a puppy too cute to resist, shifting negative abilities over to other pieces.[1]
  • Ice Tiara[1]


  • The Fuzzy Puppies game has entire stores dedicated to it.[4]
  • Gertie the Bulldog is modeled after Cindy Robinson's own late bulldog with the same name.[5]
  • No rules for the Fuzzy Puppies board game were specified by the writers for Sonic Boom television series.[6]



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