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The Future Freedom Fighters were a group formed in the Light Mobius universe to take back Castle Acorn from the Dark Presence.



When the Dark Presence took over Castle Mobius, King Sonic and Lara-Su left to get help while Queen Sally, Silver the Hedgehog, Manik, and Sonia Acorn fled to safety. Picking up Skye and Melody Prower, whose parents had been abducted by the Dark Presence, they took shelter at the home of Argyle the Crocodile, who had also taken in Jacques D'Coolette and his sister Belle D'Coolette. Determined to fight against King Shadow, the new team of Freedom Fighters took shape. (SU: #6, #7)

Storming Castle Mobius

The group's first mission was an attempt to retake Castle Mobius from Shadow and the Dark Presence. After defeating the Dark Presence, however, they were met by the monstrous Perfect Tikhaos, a fusion of Tikal and Chaos whom Shadow released. (SU: #7, #8)


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