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This transformation exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I followed the Unenviable Clunk's origin story to the letter, but it just turned me into some sorta B-level cereal mascot!

Dr. Eggman, "Don't Make Me Angry"

Furry Eggman,[1] also referred to as Purple Eggman,[1] is a transformation that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is the mutated form of Dr. Eggman which the doctor can achieve through anger while under the effects of purple rays.

Concept and creation

The main inspiration for Furry Eggman was the Hulk,[2] a character from Marvel Comics and the anger-induced alter ego of Bruce Banner.


When turning into Furry Eggman, Eggman gains purple fur and shrinks down to the size of a regular house cat. He also gains a feline body and tail, small wings on his back, a large spherical head, completely dark blue eyes, and two knobs on his head with green lenses inside of them. While Eggman retains his mustache and red jacket in this form, both of them have shrunk down along with him.

Accordingly, Furry Eggman has been described as adorable-looking.[3]


TV series

Season two

Following the origin story of the Clunk, Dr. Eggman radiated himself with purple rays in hopes of getting superpowers. Instead, they gave Eggman the ability to temporarily transform into Furry Eggman whenever he got angry. Whenever he entered this form, Eggman's consciousness would blank out, his mind regressing to that of an energetic animal's, whose only language consisted of babbles and squeaks.[3]

When Eggman first morphed, he fled from his lair and ran all over Hedgehog Village until Orbot and Cubot got him home. After reverting back to normal, Eggman figured out his form would wear off permanently if he did not morph for two days. Unfortunately, Eggman's bad temper soon made him morph in the open, earning him a great deal of public humiliation. To control his morphing, Eggman went to anger management, which got his temper under control. Eggman soon needed to morph again though so he could get Beth the Shrew out of his lair's trash compactor through its narrow garbage chute. After Eggman managed to morph, Sonic brought him to Beth. Exhibiting control over his transformation, Eggman saved Beth. After that, Eggman resumed his attempts to get rid of his transformation.[3]

Powers and abilities

Furry Eggman possesses cat-like agility. He is also able to fly thanks to his wings, and can emit rainbows while moving. He is also quite strong for a creature his size, able to lift Beth the Shrew while flying without her weight slowing him down.[3]


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