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The Fundamental Four is a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a team of villains from the Special Zone who were enemies of the Chaotix Crew. Despite being a team though, they bicker constantly.


The Fundamental Four were old enemies of Chaotix. On a previous occasion, Chaotix captured them and sent them to prison, where they remained for four years. They attempted to take revenge by breaking into Chaotix's headquarters and liquidizing them. Despite their bickering, they managed to defeat Vector, Espio and Mighty with little difficulty, although Charmy had been kicked out of the headquarters a short time before for being irritating, and therefore was able to seek help.[1]

Potamental Four

The Fundamental Four as a pot, from Sonic the Comic #81. Art by Nigel Dobbyn and Steve White.

Charmy soon returned with worker bees from the Hive. The workers systematically defeated the Fundamental Four by using their powers against them to fashion them into an urn: first, they cut open Hydran's suit; they mixed Hydran's water up with the body of Gravel; they shovelled the mixture into Squall; finally, Charmy sprayed Flare with high octane fuel, causing her to explode and harden the other three members of the team into a pot. Vector (as well as Mighty and Espio) was greatly annoyed by this ("You can't defeat the Fundamental Four by turning them into a pot... it's too stupid!"), but became even more annoyed when they discovered that the Fundamental Four had survived the transformation, baked into the clay pot, and that they would not stop talking.[2]



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