Fun Fun Sonic

Fun Fun Sonic is a VS 4 mini game in Sonic Shuffle.


The players must use the analog stick to move from one trampoline to another, but players can go only as far as two trampolines away from the one they are on. As a trampoline is jumped on, it changes color. They go from blue to cyan to green to yellow to pink to red before finally disappearing. When a red trampoline is hit, it breaks and rings are won depending on what the starting color of the trampoline was. Blue is worth six, cyan is worth five and so on. You lose if you fall through a broken trampoline. If two people hit a red trampoline at the same time, the person who hits it again collects the rings. If a player jumps to an area with no trampoline, they will fall down and be kicked out of the game. The players keep the rings they've earned, plus twenty rings if they survive but lose ten if they didn't.

Occasionally during the game, Dr. Eggman starts a special feature: all broken trampolines become worth twice or thrice the value, rings shower everywhere, everyone gets hit by a tub, iron balls land on some spots, or anyone that has fallen through is brought back in the game.

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