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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Full Tilt Tails

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"Full Tilt Tails" is the thirtieth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the thirtieth episode, it aired as the fiftieth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic costumes

  • Hillbilly


Scratch and Grounder are pulling Dr. Robotnik and a pile of loot (which they stole) in a cart while Robotnik is on top of the loot, checking some of it out and calling it worthless junk. Sonic, disguised as a hillbilly, calls it nice loot while Robotnik tells the "Pesky Hillbilly" to scram. Sonic walks off, juggling a nugget of gold with one hand. Robotnik hears it jingle and quickly returns to Sonic, willing to give up the whole cart of "wonderful" merchandise for that tiny sack of dirty gold Sonic has. Sonic gives it him and Scratch, Grounder and Robotnik walk off laughing with the gold while Sonic gets the cart of merchandise, Tails jumps out of the bush he was hiding in and says that he didn't think Robotnik would fall for it. Sonic whips off his disguise and says he 'just took advantage of his greed'. Tails Jumps in the cart and Sonic pulls it while they return the stuff to its rightful owners.

Meanwhile, at Robotnik's Fortress, Robotnik laughs at his victory, knowing he has enough gold to build a whole army of robots, a large enough army to trample the whole of Mobius into submission. Scratch compliments Robotnik, saying he's his hero because he is rotten to the core. Robotnik thanks him, and to show his appreciation of Scratch and Grounder, He gives them a tip. The 'tip' is to always buy new shoes in the afternoon, after their feet have expanded, disappointing Scratch and Grounder. Scratch says he will try to remember that and Grounder says he will too, if he ever gets feet. He is about to bet what one nugget alone is worth by sniffing it. He thinks this is strange, as it smells like chili beans. He bites one and realizes it is chili beans, stale chili beans covered with gold paint. Grounder says that was a pretty tricky hillbilly, while Robotnik calls for Coconuts. He says he was bamboozled by Sonic and it was all Coconuts' fault. Coconuts says he wasn't even there. Robotnik, angered, tells him to shut up as he is boss and he blames whoever he likes. He demotes Coconuts to mop-up duty.

They go to a canyon, which bears a little house belonging to two old goats and Robotnik plans to use his Egg-o-Artillery Attack Tank to cause a landslide to fall onto them. He had also set up booby-traps in the only entrance to the canyon to slow Sonic down. Robotnik says that not even Sonic is fast enough to break through them. Grounder asks if they are fast enough, to which Robotnik answers "Of course not. Why do you ask?" Grounder replies that he forgot to fill the gas tank and they are out of fuel. The Egg-o-matic hovercraft falls into the sticky web (part of the booby traps) and falls off it but crashes into the ground. Robotnik says that he wants to catch Sonic so bad so he can dismantle Scratch and Grounder. The Badniks get into the Tank and Robotnik commands them to fire, causing a landslide.

Meanwhile, Sonic is training Tails to be as fast as him, wearing him out. Tails wonders if he will ever be as fast as Sonic, who replies that maybe or maybe not he will, and that even if he isn't the fastest, he should give it a shot and that he's a hero. The old fogies call out for Sonic, who cancels practice and goes to help them, while Tails tells him to wait up. Sonic breaks through the trap and uses it to catch the rocks and fling them away from the little house. They thank him and he says if they were in any real danger then he would have rushed. Robotnik cries out that it's not fair, because Sonic is too fast. Grounder says that he will fire another round, which bounces off the mattress, destroying the tank and dismantling Scratch and Grounder. Grounder congratulates him on the great ammunition. Tails comes running and Sonic tells him that he was too late and everything is OK, saddening him. Sonic reassures him and tells him he's already the fastest two-tailed fox he knows.

Back at Robotnik's Fortress, Robotnik says he will never be able to slow Sonic down, so he will give up trying. Scratch pleads him not to give up trying to catch Sonic. Robotnik says that he didn't say he was giving up catching Sonic, he was giving up trying to slow him down. He says he will make make his S.S.S.S.S. Squad faster, with Speedemint Gum. Robotnik tells them that the raw material needed was mined by a thousand robot workers, taking millions of robot hours, and that it cannot be duplicated. When chewed it emits velocity vibes. He tests it on Grounder, who ends up with his braking chute ripped and cannot stop. He crashes into a tree, only to lose the gum and fall apart.

Meanwhile, Tails is still training himself to be as fast as Sonic. He steps onto the gum, only to have the velocity vibes speed him up and make him faster than Sonic, thinking the training paid off. He goes to tell Sonic, only to have the two collide. Tails wants to race a train, jumping the gun. Sonic says "Tails, wait up!", realizing that's three words he never thought he'd ever say. Tails races it and stops at a point, saying that he's waiting, getting his foot stuck. Sonic saves him by building a bridge over him with train tracks and tells him to use his speed only for good and not to show off. Sonic then says another three unlikely words: "Tails, slow down!"

Robotnik is angered at the loss of the gum, while Tails continues to try to help people, ruining a daredevil competition. Sonic tries to stop him while Scratch and Grounder search for the gum. Tails finally loses it along with his speed after another skirmish with a motorcyclist resulting in Scratch and Grounder getting beaten up. After Sonic tells him about the gum that gave him super speed, Tails asks Sonic why all his attempts to help people end up going south. Sonic replies that he is probably not ready for that kind of rescue and perhaps when the time comes, he will get better at it. At the same time, Robotnik is looking for the gum when he trips and falls. A tortoise then finds the gum and eats it giving him super speed as Robotnik is angered over the loss of the gum again. The tortoise then decides to find the hare and challenge him to a race.

Sonic Sez

Grounder: "Gimmie my smokes!"
Tails: "Smoking's bad for you, ya know."
Grounder: "No it's not! Try it!"
(Tails coughing)
Sonic: "Whoa, little bro! That smoke will make you choke!"
Grounder: "It doesn't make me...!" (suddenly gags and turns pale)
Sonic: "Smoking is for dumb bots! It's bad for your health, and it stains your teeth! So don't be a fool, smoking isn't cool!"

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Le Chewing-gum magique Magic chewing gum
German Der Flitz-Minz-Kaugummi The Scur-Mint Chewgum
Italian Scheggia va in tilt Tails goes haywire
Japanese 早いテールス Fast Tails
Portuguese (Portugal) Tails Supersónico Supersonic Tails
Spanish (Spain) Tails a toda mecha Tails at full throttle
Spanish (Latin America) Colitas a toda velocidad Tails at full speed


  • The episode plot was recycled into the Sonic Underground episode "Sonic Tonic".
  • The engine on the train is a 4-4-0 or an American type steam locomotive. These types of engines were used most common on American railroads during the 1800s and 1830s until 1928.