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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
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Frozen Peak[2] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a snowy, mountainous region on Sonic's world.


Frozen Peak is a vast mountainous region filled with snow-covered peaks. The snow cover here is so thick that Sonic has trouble getting traction here.[2] Many of the mountain peaks reach into the clouds and evergreens grow on the mountainsides. Heavy snowstorms are common here.

Among the mountains is a base belonging to Dr. Eggman. This base is incorporated into a small mountain peak and is designed as a two-story building, with three green entrances/windows on the lower level, and the main entrance on the upper level.



Years ago, an Eggman base was constructed on Frozen Peak. However, it was eventually abandoned, and everything in it became obsolete junk to Dr. Eggman.[2]


In an effort to eliminate Sonic, Dr. Starline set up a trap in the Eggman base on Frozen Peak. In preparation for his plan, Starline had a Badnik caravan under the protection of Metal Sonic move the contents of the base, which Starline considered treasured collectibles, to a safe location.[2]


The Eggman base on Frozen Peak, from Sonic the Hedgehog #14.

When Sonic showed up at the Eggman base with Silver, Metal Sonic ambushed them when they tried to attack the base. Following a brief fight with the heroes, Metal Sonic was saved by Starline when he got caught by Silver. After some back and forth between Sonic and Starline, the two duos fought. In the end, Starline sent Sonic and Silver to the opposite side of the mountain with his Warp Topaz. As the villains left Frozen Peak though, Sonic and Silver caught up to Starline. Faking defeat, Starline tricked Silver into going into the base with a code that would set off a bomb. When Starline then revealed his plan, Sonic ran into the base to save Silver, and was seemingly caught in the explosion. Afterward, Starline left Frozen Peak. Meanwhile, Sonic and Silver survived the explosion thanks to a force-field put up by an injured Silver, whom Sonic took to Restoration HQ.[2]


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