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Frozen Junkyard is a race track that appears in the upcoming Team Sonic Racing.


Frozen Junkyard leads through a hazardous frosty junkyard littered with treacherous obstacles. Parts of the course is completely covered with ice, while other parts are plasmasteel metal and stands up against a cloudy sky. The course is decorated with many large, multicolored crystals and the Eggman Empire decals can be seen throughout the track.

Along the racetrack are official stands incorporated into the ice from where the smaller denizens of Sonic's world watch the races. In addition, there are balloons of Sonic and Shadow's heads floating around. There are also what appears to be metal structures frozen into the local ice, like Death Egg Robot sentinels.


In Frozen Junkyard, the player encounters obstacles like lethal beams that are fired from the Death Egg Robot sentinel outside the race track.




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Name Artist Length Music Track
"Frozen Junkyard" Jun Senoue, Tyler Smyth[1] 1:22
Team Sonic Racing OST - Frozen Junkyard


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