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Frozen Junkyard is a race track that appears in the upcoming Team Sonic Racing.


Frozen Junkyard leads through Eggman's scrap processing facility littered with treacherous obstacles. Parts of the course is completely covered with ice, while other parts are plasmasteel metal and stands up against a cloudy sky. The course is decorated with many large, multicolored crystals and the Eggman Empire decals can be seen throughout the track.

Along the racetrack are official stands incorporated into the ice from where the smaller denizens of Sonic's world watch the races. In addition, there are balloons of Sonic and Shadow's heads floating around. There are also what appears to be metal structures frozen into the local ice, like Death Egg Robot sentinels.


Frozen Junkyard features several shortcuts available to Power Types, making them a great choice to use in this track. There are also several automatic opening and closing ramps and doors that the racers can take advantage of with the right timing.

Along the track are several ice pillars which Power Types can easily smash through. These pillars will regenerate after a few seconds after getting destroyed however. There are also different routes encased in ice that the Power type characters can break through as well. Once broken down, these paths will stay open, allowing teammates and enemies alike to access them.

One of the last obstacles the player encounters include lethal beams that are fired from a Death Egg Robot sentinel. Touching them will cause the playable character to take damage and spin out for a while.


At the start of the track the road briefly splits off into two paths. One is longer but safe while the other is quicker but contains several ice pillars. While it is possible for other character types to also navigate the shortcut without getting hit, it is more dangerous to do so without getting hit.

Shortly after this section, there is another shortcut towards the left encased in ice. Power types can break down this wall and access this shortcut. Once broken down though, this shortcut will be open for everyone to use.

Midway through the track towards the right side is a pipe-like tunnel with an automatic door that continuously opens and closes. The player requires good timing in order to bypass this door and access this shortcut. Alternatively, they can drive through the door while it is still closed with the Jade Ghost or an Invincibility item.

Towards the end of the course, the player meets a Death Egg Robot sentinel that fires lasers. If the player can get past the Death Egg Robot sentinel and get into its body, Boost Pads will help the player get out the robot without slowing down.



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Name Artist Length Music Track
"Frozen Junkyard" Jun Senoue, Tyler Smyth[1] 1:21
Team Sonic Racing OST - Frozen Junkyard


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