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Sonic Free Riders
Frozen Forest

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Glistening ice coats this land of turns and slopes, set above a forest said to house beasts who once ruled the world.

— Course description

Frozen Forest is a track in Sonic Free Riders.


This stage follows a wintery theme, being set inside a forest that is frozen over. This stage bears a great resemblance to Snowy Kingdom, a stage from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Deep within the course is a cave filled with frozen stalagmites and stalactites, green crystals and notably dinosaur fossils which suggests that dinosaurs millions of years ago may have once lived in these caves judging by the dinosaur bones (as smashable obstacles) that are encountered throughout the track. There is a bobsled section in both standard and expert courses in which racers will ride on to escape out of the cave and back to the forest.

Course Layout


From the starting line, beyond it is a Kicker leading to a section with multiple curves with some having quarter-pipe ramps for those needing Air although the first grind, air ride and power skill shortcut sections are positioned at different points of this section. At the end of the multiple curves section, there is a Kicker leading to a cave. Depending on how well the racer performed the trick will send him/her to the upper or lower section. The higher section features an additional Kicker to a faster route than the lower route, which has a catch-mode section for those wanting Rings in addition to Air. The next Kicker that follows from these sections leads to the second grind, air ride and power skill shortcuts. After those shortcuts is the bobsledding section and then a short straightforward route to the start/finish.


In this course, the starting line takes place before a slope heading upward. Beyond it is a Kicker, which will send the rider to the upper or lower section depending on the trick. They lead to the bobsledding section which ends at the top of a dinosaur skeleton, and there is another series of Kickers which can lead up or down depending on the timing of jumping, and several low obstacles that can be ducked under. The upper section has three long rail-like sections of bones which are lined on either side with rings, and then heads down to the lower section. There is a small tunnel with another Kicker that leads to the Grind Rail, Air Ride, and Barricade shortcuts from the Standard course as well as the quarter pipes, and then a final Kicker leading right back to the starting line.

Missions (World Grand Prix)

Team Heroes - Frozen Forest Standard

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
4 Get at least 14 points before reaching the goal by performing tricks! Tails
  • B: 14-19 points
  • A: 20-24 points
  • S: 25 or more points
5 Destroy at least 5 ice clusters and fossils! Knuckles
  • B: 5-8 objects
  • A: 9-10 objects
  • S: 11 objects
6 Place 1st after first lap! Sonic
  • B 1:28>
  • A 1:28-1:25
  • S <1:25

Team Dark - Frozen Forest Expert

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Place 3rd place or higher in 1 lap! Shadow
  • B: 1:42>
  • A: 1:42-1:40
  • S: <1:40
2 Pass each gate within the time limit and head for the goal! Rouge
  • B: <5:00
  • A: 5:00-7:00
  • S: 7:00>
3 Take down at least 3 rivals before crossing the goal! E-10000B
  • B: 3 attacks
  • A: 4 attacks
  • S: 5 attacks



Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Theme of Frozen Forest 4:30

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