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Frozen Factory is a stage in Sonic Runners that was playable for special events.


It looks visually similar to its appearance in Sonic Lost World other than the Christmas event taking place at night with the factories in the background decorated, or the later event set during the day without the festivities.


Being a special event, the stage is suitable for all ability types of characters, featuring the same obstacles and enemies encountered in Windy Hill, Sky Road and Lava Mountain.


Christmas Event


To celebrate Christmas, a new Special Stage became available in Timed Mode exclusively from 19 December until 28 December 2015, where presents could be collected in order to climb the Timed Mode leaderboards. Additionally, Christmas Sonic, Christmas Tails and Christmas Knuckles were available on the Premium Roulette during this period. Simultaneously, a Christmas Yeti, an ordinary Yeti and Arctic Chao were released as Buddies on the Premium Roulette.

Collectible Point value
Present 50
Christmas Stocking 500

Frozen Factory Event


The first Special Stage event in 2016, featuring Frozen Factory from Sonic Lost World. From 20 February until 29 February 2016, players were able compete in the stage in Timed Mode and boost their score by collecting Snowflakes.

Collectible Point value
Small Snowflake 50
Large Snowflake 500


  • The Christmas event was released before the Frozen Factory event. The name of the stage was unknown until the later Frozen Factory event.
  • Both events were Timed Mode events, meaning they were not part of Sonic Runners story.






Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Magical Snow Day" Tomoya Ohtani 4:12

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