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Frogymandias is a character mentioned in the Sonic Boom television series. It is the frog-like deity worshipped by the Froglodytes.


Froglodyte culture depicts Frogymandias as an anthropomorphic frog, much like the Froglodytes themselves, but with a less round body and a larger torso. For attire, it wears round wrist bracelets with spikes, a hip-long shirt, and a necklace with a cloth hanging from the front.


TV series


Worshipped by the Froglodytes, a giant sculpture of Frogymandias would be erected in the Froglodyte Caves.[1] The Froglodytes would for years pay their respects to Frogymandias by kneeling regularly before its sculpture, although one Froglodyte did not share the others' enthusiasm about this custom.[2] While the Froglodytes were struck in their caves, they could not sacrifice much to Frogymandias.[1]

Season one

Frog god

The Froglodyte High Priest speaking to the Frogymandias sculpture.

When the Froglodytes could finally escape their caves, they brought Sticks the Badger into their caves to sacrifice her to Frogymandias, but were stopped by Sticks' friends.[1]


From what can be gathered from the Froglodytes, Frogymandias is a deity that craves sacrifices, suggesting a bloodthirsty nature. Because the Froglodytes have not been able to provide proper sacrifices for a long time however, it is willing to accept any sacrifice, no matter how measly.[1]


  • Froggymandias is portmanteau of "frog" and "Ozymandias." Ozymandias is a 19th century sonnet about the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II, who was known as Ozymandias in Greek antiquity.


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