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Quotation1 Oh great Frogymandias! Accept this humble sacrifice! Really humble... scrawny actually. Quotation2
— Froglodyte High Priest, "Closed Door Policy"

The Froglodyte High Priest[2] is an antagonist that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic frog, and both the high priest and leader of the Froglodytes, a tribe of villainous underground frogs.[3]


The Froglodyte High Priest is a green-skinned and slimy anthropomorphic frog whose head and body come together in an almost indistinguishable oval shape. He has black eyes with horizontal pupils and pale yellow sclera, pronounced brows, thick green lips and a gray belly. His forearms are medium-thick and his yellow hands have five fingers while his yellow feet have three toes. Each of his digits also have webbing between them and round dots on their tips. He also have warts on his arms and back. His attire consists of a fly-shaped black hat, a necklace with a single red bauble with fly wings attached to it, and bracelets. He also uses a tall walking stick.


TV series

Season one

Frog god

The Froglodyte High Priest talking to the Frogymandias.

When the Froglodytes brought Sticks the Badger into their caves after the cave entrance got unblocked, the high priest prepared to sacrifice Sticks to Frogymandias. Though Sticks broke free and caught him, the high priest knew she could not escape his people. As Team Sonic came to Sticks' rescue though, she beat up the high priest before escaping. After Team Sonic sealed up the caves again, the high priest brought the news to his people. Nonetheless, he appreciated the furniture Team Sonic had left behind in the caves.[3]

Season two

The high priest met Dr. Eggman when the doctor breached the Froglodyte Caves. Believing Eggman to be a magic king because of his Eggmobile, the high priest offered himself and his people as his servants. Seeking their caves' Tummel Crystal to power MeBot, Eggman employed the Froglodytes to mine for it. Wanting to avoid work, the Froglodytes kidnapped the Gogobas and had them mine for them, with the high priest supervising the operation. When Eggman got the Tummel Crystal however, the high priest saw the doctor's true colors when Sonic intervened. He subsequently fled when Sonic and Eggman duked it out in their mech suits. Once Sonic emerged as the victor, the high priest began bowing to him despite Sonic's attempts to discourage him.[4]


The high priest is an evil and savage leader, but also a superstitious nitwit.[4] Believing strongly in the supernatural, he is a devout follower of Frogymandias, whom he will attempt to make sacrifices to, no matter how measly his sacrifices may be.[3] He is likewise quick to assume that those in possession of advanced technology are magical and kingly cyborg-creatures, and will gladly offer himself and his people as slaves to such perceived entities for all eternity without question so that he and his people may be spared. He also proudly follows the Froglodytes' traditions, regardless of how demeaning they may be.[4]

The high priest loves to taunt his prisoners and appears quite arrogant regarding his tribe, believing their numbers allow them to stand up to mightier foes. Also, because his people owns so little due to their isolation in their caves, the high priest greatly appreciates any new things introduced to their society, like used furniture. He is also shown to have a dry sense of sarcasm.[3]


"We've been stuck down here for so long, you'll take anything!"
—The high priest taking to Frogymandias about their sacrifice quota, "Closed Door Policy"
"Have you anything to say before you're sacrificed, oh wretched soul?"
—The high priest taunting a tied-up Sticks, "Closed Door Policy"
"There's one of you and... oh, let's see, one, two... a bazillion of us?!"
—The high priest mocking Sticks' attempts to threaten him, "Closed Door Policy"
"Oh great cyborg centaur! Please spare our worthless lives."
—The high priest meeting a Eggmobile-riding Dr. Eggman, "Return of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom"
"Done, and done. Now, as it's custom in our culture, we will polish and shine your glorious metal butt!"
—The high priest beginning his servitude to Eggman after offering himself as a slave, "Return of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom"


  • The high priest is the only member of the Froglodytes who has five fingers.


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