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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Loot their valuables! Flip their tables! Riffle through their sock drawers!

— Froglodyte Drill Sergeant, "Og Man Out"

The Froglodyte Drill Sergeant[3] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic frog and the drill instructor of the Froglodytes.


The Froglodyte Drill Sergeant is a green-skinned and slimy anthropomorphic frog whose head and body come together in an almost indistinguishable oval shape. He has black eyes with horizontal pupils and pale yellow sclera, pronounced brows, thick green lips and a gray underbelly. His forearms are thick and his hands have four fingers while his feet have three toes. Each of his digits also have webbing between them and round dots on their tips. He also have warts on his arms and back. The Froglodyte Drill Sergeant's attire consists of a drill instructor uniform which includes a tan shirt with a black tie, a purple, yellow and black vest with yellow tassels and spikes, and a black helmet with a circular shade.


TV series


The drill instructor of the Froglodytes back in the Froglodyte Caves, the Froglodyte Drill Sergeant's job was to oversee the training of the Froglodyte soldiers. This brought him at odds with the peaceful Og, whom the Froglodyte Drill Sergeant would punish for disobedience.[2]

Season two

When checking up on an absent Og, the Froglodyte Drill Sergeant discovered Og had escaped to the surface through a tunnel created by Drill Bot's drill. The Froglodyte Drill Sergeant thus assembled his horde and used the drill to lead an invasion of the Unnamed Village. During the raid, however, the Froglodyte Drill Sergeant found himself and his people beaten back by Og and Team Sonic, forcing them to retreat to their caves, which the heroes subsequently sealed up again.[2]


A typical Froglodyte, the Froglodyte Drill Sergeant is villainous, violent, aggressive, and hungry for pillaging and raiding. Short-tempered, bossy, loud and dominating, he demands absolute compliance from his soldiers. He will also personally deal with those that fail to live up to his high expectations (whom he refers to as "Tadpoles"), usually with physical punishment.[2]

Powers and abilities

The Froglodyte Drill Sergeant possesses a prehensile and sticky tongue which can extend over a wide range and is powerful enough to swing around people like Og.[2]


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