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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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The Froglodyte Caves[1] are a location that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. They are a number of isolated caves beneath the surface of Seaside Island where the villanous Froglodytes live.



The Froglodyte Caves' entrance.

The Froglodyte Caves are a dark and murky network of prehistoric caves below Seaside Island's surface which encompass the basement of Sticks' Burrow and stretch as far as from Hedgehog Village to the outskirts of the island's wilderness.[1][2] The caves have no modern commodities, such as electrical appliances, but they do have a number of structures carved out the rock walls, such as stairs, smooth walls, food stalls and gates. The caves are also littered with mech suits and technology from the Ancients.[1]

The caves are lid up by numerous small magma lanterns and host several specific areas. Apparently, the only food that can be cultivated in the caves is a form of white "mystery slob."[1] The only available way in and out of the Froglodyte Caves is through a small door located in Sticks' Burrow.


TV series


For the past several years, the Froglodytes have lived in the Froglodyte Caves where they would worship Frogymandias, train, and live off of "mystery slob." While most of them were content with their customs, a peaceful Froglodyte named Og, who did not fit in with his people, would live a miserable life in the caves.[1]

Season one

Frog god

The Froglodyte High Priest offering Sticks to Frogymandias.

After having been trapped in their caves for a long time by Sticks the Badger, who blocked the only exit out of the caves in her burrow, the Froglodytes noticed Amy unblock the exit. The Froglodytes would thus break out of their caves and drag Sticks back into them to sacrifice her to Frogymandias. However, Sticks' team went into the Froglodyte Caves and got her out before sealing up the exit again.[2]

Season two

When Drill Bot's drill got severed, it dug down to the Froglodyte Caves and crashed into Og's bedroom, creating a passage which Og used to escape to the surface. When the other Froglodytes found the drill, they used it to dig into the Unnamed Village from their caves. However, Team Sonic and Og would force the Froglodytes back home and seal the tunnel they had made.[1] Some time after, Eggman breached the Froglodyte Caves to find the Tummel Crystal in their catacombs. Although a magnetic pulse shut off his robot workers upon arrival, Eggman was able to employ the incoming nitwitted Froglodytes as his workers. To find the crystal Eggman sought, the Froglodytes kidnapped the Gogobas and took them into their caves to mine for them. Team Sonic soon infiltrated the Froglodyte Caves to save the Gogobas, but got captured and put into labor. When the Tummel Crystal was found though, Team Sonic broke free and showed the Froglodytes that Eggman had used them. Regardless, Eggman summoned MeBot and used his crystal to power it, prompting Sonic to call in his mech suit and engage MeBot in a fight that took them out of the Froglodyte Caves.[3]

Points of interest

  • The Froglodyte Caves' training area.
  • The Froglodyte Caves' food court.
  • A private room in the Froglodyte Caves.
  • Central catacomb: The main area of the Froglodyte Caves. It is a large chamber with a Frogymandias sculpture and a sacrificial altar in the center. It is here the Froglodytes come together to offer any sacrifices they can get their hands on to their statue.[2] This catacomb is located directly below Buddy Buddy Temple.[3]
  • Living quarters: A residential area where the Froglodytes have their own rooms.[1]
  • Food court: A standard food court where the Froglodytes receive their daily meals.[1]
  • Training area: An area loaded with weapons where the Froglodytes train in the art of combat and weapon proficiency.[1]


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