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Big asks Froggy to summon his friends, causing a rain of frogs to drop on the opposing team.

— Description, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[1]

Froggy Rain (フロッグレイン Furoggu Rein?, lit. "Frog Rain") is a POW move used by Big the Cat in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. When performing this move, Big asks Froggy to summon his friends, who will then drop down on the opponents. This move is unavoidable and damages all enemies present.


When performing Froggy Rain, Big runs up in front of the opposing enemies, with Froggy in his left hand. Big then asks Froggy to summon his friends, before throwing Froggy up into the air with his left hand, and making a hasty retreat back to his party. As soon as Big is out of range, a rain of green and yellow-eyed frogs like Froggy starts falling down from above on top of the enemies.

In gameplay, Froggy Rain deals attack damage to all enemies present on the opposing side of the battlefield. This attack will always hit the opponents, regardless of their stats. The higher the level of Froggy Rain is, the more attack damage it will deal.

Real-Time Interaction

When performing the Froggy Rain in gameplay, the player has to complete a real-time event, by performing certain actions on the touchscreen, in order to execute the Froggy Rain optimally. When in progress, the player has to touch and stay inside the outer circle that appears when it overlaps the inner circle and follow it vertically across the middle of the screen, from the top to the bottom. Missing or not touching this circles correctly will result in the damage from the attack being reduced.


Level PP Cost Damage Effect
I 6 120% of Attack damage Can't miss
II 6 140% of Attack damage Can't miss
III 6 160% of Attack damage Can't miss


  1. Official in-game description.

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