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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

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Froggy (カエルくん Kaeru-kun?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. It is an frog from Sonic's world, and the pet and best friend of Big the Cat. Due to a Chaos Control incident however, it and Big got sent to Earth.


Froggy Sonic X v2

Froggy with Chaos' tail.

Froggy is a non-anthropomorphic green frog with a round body and four limbs. Its limbs are rather thin, and each one has webbed feet with two toes each. It also has a pale green underbelly and dark green stribes around its body. It also has medium-large eyes with pale yellow sclera and wide black pupils.

After drinking Chaos' essence, Froggy gained a tail with a triangular tip. It later lost it after Chaos' essence was returned to it.



New World Saga

Originating from a parallel Earth in another dimension, Froggy was together with Big, who was out fishing at a lake, on a moonlit night. However, their night got interrupted after Dr. Eggman's fortress erupted into a large-scale Chaos Control. Being caught in the explosion alongside Big, Froggy's fate remained unknown for some time.[2]

Chaos Saga

Eventually, Froggy appeared in the Mystic Ruins with Big on Earth. While sleeping in the rain, the duo were awoken by something landing nearby. When Froggy went to investigate it, Big followed it. At the site, they found the purple Chaos Emerald, which Big claimed. While there, Froggy was forced to swallow some of Chaos' stray essence, causing it to grow a tail and be possessed by Chaos. Froggy then indigested Big's Emerald and ran off, with Big hot on his trail. Froggy eventually made it to Station Square where it ran into Cheese, but managed to escape before Big could catch him.[3]


Froggy imprisoned on the Egg Carrier.

Froggy was eventually found by Big and Chris when Big fished it out of the sea, but was immediately after abducted by E-102 Gamma and brought to the Egg Carrier, where it came in the possession of Dr. Eggman.[4] Froggy was subsequently placed in captivity inside a bowl within the Egg Carrier. However, it was soon broken out of its prison when Big and Chris came to its rescue. When Chris, Big and Froggy arrived on the Egg Carrier's outer deck during their escape however, they got cornered by Eggman and Chaos 4. There, Froggy got caught by Eggman, who made it regurgitate its Chaos Emerald. After then evolving Chaos 4 to Chaos 6, Eggman let Chaos absorb Froggy, which allowed Chaos to regain the part of its essence that Froggy had drunk. This also returned Froggy to normal. After everyone were saved by Sonic and Knuckles, Froggy and Big made their way into the X Tornado that was onboard the Egg Carrier and took off in it, with Chris and Knuckles just barely hitching a ride with them. After crash-landing in Mystic Ruins, Froggy came with Big when he headed home.[5] Froggy and Big soon after met Amy, who was looking for the Egg Carrier. After a brief chat, Big showed her where to find the Egg Carrier.[6]

Egg Moon Saga

Some time afterward, Froggy and Big observed some Chaos Control irregularities that brought more creatures and locations from Sonic's world to Earth.[7]

Emerl Saga

While Big competed in the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up tournament, Froggy jumped out from Big's fur while Ella was chasing Big around during their match. Landing on Ella, Froggy frightened Ella so much that she fainted on the spot. However, Big still lost by leaving the ring during the match.[8]

Archie Comics


Froggy's personality is hard to decipher given its nature as a non-anthropomorphic animal. However, what can be said is that Froggy is curious, seeing that it willingly went to investigate an impact crater right after it was formed, and that it enjoys spending time with its friend Big.[3]

Powers and abilities

Being a frog, Froggy is good at jumping for its size, and can swim very well.





  • In this media, Froggy has dark green stripes, unlike its game counterpart who has orange stripes.

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