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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the version of this character after the Super Genesis Wave, see Froggy (Archie).

Froggy is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs. He is a mobini frog and Big the Cat's best friend and companion.


Chaos incident

For years, Froggy has been friends with Big. While sleeping with Big, Froggy was awoken by an unfamiliar sound and then had to dodge some falling debris before finding a moving water puddle which was a piece of Chaos. In an act of thirst, Froggy drank the water, which caused him to grow a tail and be possessed by Chaos. No sooner, Froggy was abducted by E-102 Gamma.[1]

At some point after drinking Chaos, Froggy swallowed a Super Emerald. Eventually, Gamma brought Froggy to Dr. Eggman on-board the Egg Carrier, where Eggman Froggy was put in his Energy/Matter Transmuter which absorbed the Chaos energy in Froggy's body and sampled his DNA patterns to help Chaos regain its physical structure.[2] Eventually, Froggy escaped and met Big, who had come to save him, on the Egg Carrier where he regurgitated the Super Emerald he had swallowed when Big hugged him. When Chaos 4 then appeared to reclaim its tail, Froggy was drawn to its Super Emeralds and was absorbed by Chaos, but was quickly saved by Big. Now back to normal, Froggy returned with Big to their home in País Misterioso using the Tornado.[3]

Not long after, Froggy and Big met Sonic, Tails and Knuckles where they came under attack by Chaos who stole the Super Emerald from the Tornado. Froggy and Big then accompanied Sonic and his friends to Station Square which was being ravaged by Perfect Chaos and saw the beast being defeated by Super Sonic.[4][5] Afterwards, Froggy attended with Big a celebration ceremony for Big and the Knothole Freedom Fighters by the citizens of Station Square when they came under attack by Silver Sonic v2.0. After the robot was defeated, Froggy and Big returned to their home once more.[6]

Exile and new home

A year after the Chaos incident, Froggy accompanied Big throughout his task when he attempted to make peace between the Wolf Pack Nation and the Felidae by trying to find the Ancient Onyx, but could not do much. After the mission was complete, Froggy followed Big to their new home in New Mobotropolis after Big had been exiled from his homeland.[7][8] Here, Froggy continued to reside while Big eventually joined Team Freedom as one of the city's protectors.[9]

Note: From this point, Froggy's history continues from his new life in the altered timeline.


Froggy is self-aware and rather intelligent mobini. He is a devoted friend to Big, though he gets annoyed by his sleeping habits. To Froggy, life is one big set of worries.[1]

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