Frigate Skullian (アステロイドスペースクラフト Asuteroido Supēsukurafuto?, lit. "Asteroid Spacecraft") (commonly shortened to Skullian) is the boss of Asteroid Coaster in Sonic Colors. It is similar to Frigate Orcan from Starlight Carnival but is more heavily upgraded. This boss differs from its predecessor by having a red and black color scheme, and several new abilities. In the DS version it's smaller than the Frigate Orcan due to the fact that it carries boxes. It also has a huge yellow weak spot because of the different Sonic Rush/Sonic Rush Adventure gameplay features found in the DS version of Sonic Colors.


Nintendo Wii

Frigate Skullian is Frigate Orcan from Starlight Carnival, but upgraded. This boss differs from its previous encounter in Starlight Carnival by being considerably larger than Frigate Orcan, having two machine guns, and the ability of teleportation, which it uses to disappear, reappear, and send asteroids out of the rifts. After taking a few blows, the warship covering reveals twelve robots powering the vessel, along with the face of the ship, which is a creature with eye-stalks, similar to a snail, in contrast to its previous menacing skull appearance. While damaged, the machine will start smoking and the eyes on its back will glow red. After taking that final attack, it sets on fire and drops a cargo of boxes filled with rings. During the battle, the ship will occasionally drop a Wisp Capsule containing the Orange Rocket Wisp, which can be used for double damage during the side-scrolling sections.

Nintendo DS

Unlike the Wii version, the Frigate Skullian is smaller due to it lugging around cargo boxes. The Frigate Skullian also has a Meteorite Hammer that charges up before slamming down, also aiming in the process. This makes it hard to dodge the attack. After it slams down, use the White Boost to charge it and get a Violet Wisp. This attack will continue three times and on the third time, it will accidentally damage one of its boxes, making it drop to the ground and release rings. After a series of attacks, it will start to use laser attacks; Sonic can avoid the lasers by either grabbing onto the hand rail or ducking via a Spin attack. Slam into the power core(Yellow) to damage it. Continue doing this and the Frigate Skullian will explode. An optional way of defeating it is to use the Violet Void Wisp Power, which turns Sonic into a black hole and sucks in nearby objects. Get close to the Frigate Skullian and watch as it is damaged slowly. As the Void grows, it will eventually become big enough for the Frigate Skullian to be sucked in, destroying it instantly.


Rank Score
S Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)
A Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)
B Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)
C Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)
D Rank (Sonic Colors Wii)


  • In the Wii version Sonic runs on the beam of light as in Starlight Carnival but in the Nintendo DS version he runs on a path somewhat similar to the design of the Skullian.
  • Like the Frigate Orcan, damaging the Skullian's side stabilizers will cause it to tilt to one side or another, making it more difficult for the ship to aim its guns at Sonic.
  • Just like the Frigate Orcan, this is one of the first bosses to need more than three-eight hits to destroy, (unlike most other Sonic bosses) and the number of hits ranges from twenty to thirty hits, thus making it the first boss, next to the Frigate Orcan, that needs more than three-eight hits to defeat.
  • There are six cores on each side of Frigate Skullian, while the Orcan has only three on each side, but a tad larger.
    • However, in the DS version of this boss it contains three orcan cores, as it contains one frigate (like Orcan in the DS).
    • In the DS version, if Sonic uses the Violet Void to defeat it, it will suck part of the frigate revealing the three orcan cores, something imposible to do with the Frigate Orcan. Also in Asteroid Coaster's map, Skullian will appear showing the orcas once defeated.
    • When the ship shows the six cores, Skullian's eyes will change from a mean expression with normal eyes to a sad expression with the eyes appearance resembling to a snail ones.


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Sonic Colors - S Rank - (Boss) Asteroid Coaster

Sonic Colors - S Rank - (Boss) Asteroid Coaster

Sonic Colours (DS) Asteroid Coaster V.S

Sonic Colours (DS) Asteroid Coaster V.S. Boss


Sonic Colors "Boss Battle 3" Music

Sonic Colors "Boss Battle 3" Music

Also plays during Frigate Orcan fight

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