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Frigate Orcan (スターライトシップ Sutāraito Shippu?, lit. "Starlight Ship") is the boss of Starlight Carnival in Sonic Colors. Frigate Orcan is a flying war machine with two orca-shaped covering on its top. It is a part of Dr. Eggman's space fleet. In Starlight Carnival, it attempts to gun down Sonic with a machine gun as he runs on a road apparently made of light. In the Nintendo DS version, the Frigate Orcan has an arsenal of missiles, spiky spheres, and lasers that it uses to attack Sonic. Its counterpart is Frigate Skullian, the boss from Asteroid Coaster.


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The only way to defeat the ship is to attack the back of it where the gun is, or use the Cyan Laser to do double damage. After being hit it will drop a cargo of rings, Wisp Capsules (White and Cyan Wisps only), and lastly spiked balls. After taking some hits the orcas are revealed as a covering for machines powering the frigate and the machine will start smoking. After taking more hits it will be defeated.

Nintendo DS

The Frigate Orcan attacks by dropping its cargo. This includes spikeballs, which must be avoided. It also includes yellow capsules that drop rings if boosted into. Sonic can spin jump from the bottom and knock the capsules upwards to damage the boss. It can also drop a Wisp Capsule that contains an Orange Wisp, which can be used to hit its weak spot directly. It can also go in lower and shoot missiles at Sonic. At this time, the weak spot can be hit directly with or without the Orange Wisp, although using the Rocket will land three hits on it. After taking enough damage, it will move to the background and fire lasers at Sonic; the lasers will move up and down and can be avoided by moving to the side. After it is done, it will be vulnerable to attack. When it is close to defeat it will fall on the path. This will give Sonic the opportunity to finish the Frigate Orcan for good.


Name Artist Length Music Track
vs. Orcan & Skullian Tomoya Ohtani 3:12




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Nintendo DS


  • The Frigate Orcan could be a reference to the Frigate Orpheon from Nintendo's Metroid series; particularly, Metroid Prime.
  • Destroying the stabilizers on either side of the Orcan will cause it to tilt to one side or another, causing its shots to miss the path Sonic is running on.
  • This battle is similar to the battle with the Egg Hawk or Egg Albatross in Sonic Heroes.
  • In the Wii version, this is the only act of Starlight Carnival to have the Cyan Wisp.

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