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Sonic X
Friends 'Til the End (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Friends 'Til the End".

[Scene: Thorndyke Mansion - Flashback]

Scarlet: Looks like this story's ending... but I still haven't figured out who you really are.
Mr. Stewart: You'll have to keep investigating.
Chuck Thorndyke: Hurry! We can't keep the gate open long! You have to leave immediately before there's a power failure!
[Vanilla, Cream, and Cheese fly through the portal.]
Vanilla: Thank you for everything.
Cream: It was nice knowing you! Bye-bye!
Cheese: Chao chao!
[Amy is next]
Amy: Thank you all!
[Tanaka bows as Tails flies the Tornado 2 through the portal.]
Tails: It's been a blast!
Chris Thorndyke: [To Himself] Goodbye, Cream... Amy... Tails. I'll never forget you.
[Rouge hands Topaz a beautiful gem.]
Rouge: It's very rare that I give someone a gift. You should be grateful. Take this before I change my mind. When I saw that gem in the jewelry store, I had to get it for you. It was a steal.
[Topaz pockets the gem and begins to shed her own tears.]
Rouge: See ya.
[She waves and lets the portal take her back to Sonic's world. Topaz cries openly. A teary Tanaka places a hand on her shoulder. Knuckles and Sonic step towards the portal.]
Knuckles: Soon we'll be back home, Sonic... Back home.
[Sonic smiles.]
Knuckles: Let's go.
[He steps into the portal.]
Sonic: [Nods] OK.
[He steps towards the portal, but stops when Chris calls him.]
Chris: Sonic.
[Chris is smiling.]
Nelson Thorndyke: Say goodbye. You know this is the right thing to do for both our worlds.
Lindsey Thorndyke: You've got to do it.
[Chris steps towards Sonic.]
Chris: Well, Sonic.
Sonic: Chris.
Chris: This is it...
[They shake hands.]
Chris: You're my best friend. It's been cool. I'm glad we met.
[Chris' eyes begin to water.]
Chris: [To himself] Why do you have to leave? There must be another way to solve this problem! [Out loud] Bye, Sonic... and good luck.
[Sonic releases his grip.]
Chris: [To himself] No!
[They exchange thumbs-ups.]
Chris: [To himself] Please don't go!
[Sonic starts to walk towards the portal.]
Chris: [To himself] I can't let you leave!
[Now being unable to control his emotions, Chris presses the button to de-activate the portal. Everyone else is in utter shock. Sonic turns to Chris.]
Chris: Sonic!
[Suddenly, Chris grabs Sonic's hand and takes off running with him, far, far away. Everyone is shocked even more.]
Chuck: Chris!
[Chris continues running with Sonic as far as he can.]
Sonic: Chris!
[With determination, Chris tightens his grip on Sonic's hand. Sonic does the same. Sonic runs faster, and is running ahead of Chris.]
Chris: Sonic?
[Chris's confusion vanishes, and he too runs faster.]

[Scene Change: The Gateway Portal]

Chuck: I hope that boy can come to his senses before it's too late.
[Tanaka and Topaz return from their search.]
Ella: Are they...?
Tanaka: [Shakes head] We could not find him anywhere.
[Nelson and Lindsey look at each other in concern.]
Topaz: We'll never find him now without help. The police will have to set up a large-scale search.
[Tanaka looks at Topaz sadly.]
Topaz: As you know, this is serious. We have to find them quickly.
Chuck: Yes. We don't have much time to cause Chaos Control and send Sonic back. Soon, the melding of our two world will cause time to slow to a stop.
Lindsey: [Worried] Chris...
[They hug, and Lindsey struggles not to cry.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Morning comes, and Chris and Sonic walk by the train station.]
Chris: What do we do now?
Sonic: I don't know.
Chris: Well, we can't go back home. Wait... Hey Sonic, look!
[Chris spies a bicycle nearby. He is soon riding it, with Sonic sitting on the back of it behind Chris. A boy is getting the mail and milk, when he realizes his bike was stolen.]
Boy: Hey Mom, somebody took my old bike.
Boy's Mom: Your father left it in the city. He thought somebody could use it.
[The boy heads back into the house. Chris is soon riding through a rich neighborhood. He has earlier ditched his suit, now only wearing his red tie and salmon dress shirt.]
Chris: How far should we go, Sonic?
Sonic: We can go as far as you want to, Chris.
Chris: [Determined] Okay.
[Chris rides on, exerting his energy as he pedals into the desert. Soon they are seen eating at a diner.]
Chris: We have to stop somewhere.
Sonic: I usually just keep running until I find some place I like. The best trips are the ones you don't plan. Not knowing where you'll end up is part of the adventure.
Chris: You know... the world sure seems big when you can go any place...
[Sonic puts his burger down.]
Chris: Are you sure there's no place you want to go to?
Sonic: I think I've already gone every place I want to go.
Chris: Right. I forgot how much you like to travel. You probably ran across the whole planet already.
Sonic: That's why I'm happy to go wherever you say.
Chris: OK.
[A map is open to a place called “Dolorado”.]
Chris: Well, let's see... The beach is definitely out... The desert's too hot...
[The man behind the counter turns on the TV.]
J. Bailey: [On TV] This is an SXN update. Sonic the Hedgehog has been abducted. Authorities are looking for this boy, Christopher Thorndyke, the only child of corporate tycoon Nelson Thorndyke and actress Lindsey Thorndyke, who has issued this emotional plead.
[Chris is beyond shocked.]
Lindsey: [On TV; crying] Chris, darling... Your father and I are worried about you! Please come home!
[Chris and Sonic hit the trail again.]
Chris: When you have famous parents, you can't do anything without the world finding out.
Sonic: They must be pretty worried.
Chris: Oh yeah? How come... they're not... worried when I... need 'em... to be? [To himself] Sonic doesn't seem worried either. Maybe I should go back.
[Chris stops when he hears and sees military helicopters behind them.]
Chris: Those are my dad's!
[Sonic hops off the bike.]
Sonic: Well, Chris? You give up?
Chris: [Shakes head] No!
Sonic: Okay! Then wait right here.
[There is a pickup truck reaching the crossing ahead of Chris. Sonic stops right in front of the vehicle, forcing the driver to slam on the brakes. When he looks up, there is nothing.]
Driver: Hey... where'd he go?
[Sonic looks in from the roof of the vehicle.]
Sonic: Can you give us a lift?
[Soon, the bike is ditched, and Chris and Sonic are safe inside the pickup truck. While Sonic is resting in the hay in the bed of the truck, Chris stares worriedly out the window, then at Sonic. The helicopter pilots suspect nothing.]

[Scene Change: A forest]

[The truck has stopped.]
Chris: Thanks again. Bye!
Sonic: Bye!
[Chris and Sonic disembark from the truck and wave goodbye as the driver drives away.]
Chris: Let's go.
[He starts walking into the forest, and Sonic follows. As Chris struggles to climb over a fallen log, Sonic instantly vaults it and runs ahead.]

[Scene Change: A prairie]

[They are walking along a set of train tracks.]
Chris: Sonic, have you ever been to this place before?
Sonic: I might have run past it once.
Chris: It's pretty easy to forget. You move so fast, and you've been so many places. Maybe you'll forget about me someday too...
[They stop at a junction and look at the mountains.]
Sonic: I do forget. But it'd be impossible for me to forget you.
[Chris turns to Sonic.]
Chris: You mean it?
Sonic: Of course I do! How could I forget somebody who's got me in so much trouble?
[Chris beams and starts running. Sonic walks after him.

Later on, Chris is sitting on a bench, and Sonic is reclining on a wooden crate nearby. Both are eating bread. There are pigeons everywhere.]

Chris: Guess everybody's looking for us.
Sonic: We won't be too easy to find. It's a big planet.
[Chris crumples his slice of bread and lets the pigeons eat it.]
Chris: Yeah. We could hide out for a long time. They might stop lookin' for us. Even... my family. [Stands up] Let's go.
[They get up and leave. Soon they reach a waterfall. Sonic watches Chris as he attempts to scale it. Sonic reaches the top, and there is a rock that is just out of Chris' reach. Sonic stretches out his hand, and Chris grabs it. The hedgehog pulls the human to safety and gives him a wink and thumbs-up. Later still, they are climbing a hill. Chris begins running, but stumbles over a stone.]
Sonic: Chris!
[He falls to the ground just as Sonic arrives.]
Sonic: Here, let me give you a hand.
[Chris gets up.]
Chris: I don't need a hand! I can do it myself. Come on!
[He continues running, and stops at the top of the hill. Sonic joins him. Their jaws drop at something they see.]
Sonic: I've never been here before. How'd you know about this place?
[They are seeing a magnificent lake near a forest at the base of a mountain range.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Living room]

[While Lindsey is weeping on the couch, Nelson is pacing the floor. He is on the phone.]
Nelson: [On Phone] I don't understand what's taking you so long! Do you have all our choppers searching? Well then, buy some more! Call up the Air Force! Rent out some airplanes, too! Put the business on hold! I want the whole company working on this 24/7 until Chris is found! ... I don't care how much it costs! I just want my son found now!
[Lindsey finally looks up.]
Lindsey: Nelson, let's broadcast a message that Chris can have whatever he wants if he comes home! [Stands up] Call the toy store and tell them to send one of everything.
Nelson: Hey, I have a better idea. Let's buy Chris his own toy store!
[He dials a number.]
Lindsey: I hope this works. I want Chris back.
[Ella, Tanaka and Chuck enter.]
Chuck: [Shouting] What do you think you're doing?!
[Lindsey gasps]
Chuck: [Sternly to Nelson] Put that phone down. Do it!
[Nelson hesitantly hangs up.]
Chuck: You're making a big mistake, Son. You can't rely on your corporate empire to bring your son back home because that's part of what's driving him away. You won't convince Chris to return until you understand the reason why he left in the first place. Now, why do you think Chris ran off? Was it only because of Sonic? Or was Chris afraid that when his friend left, he'd be all alone again, like he was before? You won't get Chris back unless you prove you want to be together as a family.
Nelson: But how?
Lindsey: What should we do? We'll do anything to find him.
Chuck: Well, you don't have to use fleets of helicopters or bribe him with toys on TV. Chris wants to be found, not by government forces or by your employees, but by his mother and father.
[Lindsey walks closer to Nelson.]
Chuck: My guess is that Chris is some place where he knows you can find him. Go there before it's too late.
[Nelson drops the phone.]
Lindsey: Oh, Chris...
[She weeps bitterly, but is hugged by Nelson.]

[Scene Change: A villa, sunset.]

[Chris and Sonic walk towards a villa.]
Sonic: You know this place?
Chris: Yeah. I used to come here every summer with my mom and dad... when I was a little kid.
[Chris tries the lock on the front door, but to no avail.]
Chris: It's no use.
[He looks in the window. Everything is covered in cobwebs.]
Chris: One year, we just stopped coming. They kept saying we'd come back the next summer, but they were always too busy.
[Sonic tries the lock. It comes undone.]
Sonic: Huh. Looks like the chain broke.
[Chris gives a sheepish thumbs-up. That night, they are camping out by the lake.]
Chris: Hey Sonic! I collected some firewood!
[He emerges from the clearing carrying a huge armload of wood. However, he trips over a rock and falls. Sonic rushes over and catches both him and the wood.]
Sonic: You okay, Chris?
Chris: I'm fine.
Sonic: Want some help?
[Chris stands up and takes the wood from Sonic.]
Chris: No thanks. I can do it myself.
Sonic: OK...
Chris: [To himself] Sonic's probably mad that I stopped him from going home. I wonder why he came with me?
[Soon they get the campfire started.]
Chris: Sonic? You haven't said anything about how I kept you from going home.
Sonic: I was waiting to hear what you had to say.
Chris: Sonic... why did you come with me? Are you gonna stay?
Sonic: That's up to you.
Chris: Uh... So if I say... "I don't want you to go back home"... will you... stay here with me forever?
Sonic: I'll do whatever you tell me to do.
[Chris is surprised.]
Sonic: You saved me when I first came to this world.
[Chris stands up. He appears a little upset.]
Chris: So that's it. You've been acting like my friend all this time 'cause you thought you owed me!
Sonic: That's not true.
Chris: [Upset] You felt like you had to be my friend 'cause I pulled you out of that pool.
[There is a flashback of Sonic soaring through the air. He realizes where he is about to land.]
Sonic: [Flashback] A pool?
[He grins sheepishly at the viewer]
Sonic: [Flashback] Uh... oh...
[He tries to run in mid-air to land elsewhere, but can't.]
Sonic: [Flashback] See ya!
[He lands in the water with a tremendous splash, waking Chris. Sonic tries to leap out of the water, but can't. He spots a ladder on the pool's wall. He tries to run to it, but finds it impossible. Chris turns on the light and looks out the window. He then races out of his room, down the hall, down the stairs, and out the door en route to the pool. Sonic is still running, but finally gives up. Suddenly, the figure of the boy breaks through the surface and stretches out his hand. He takes Sonic's hand and pulls him to the surface.]
Chris: And you paid me back by pretending to be my friend.
Sonic: No, Chris. You know that I really am your friend.
Chris: You... are?
Sonic: If you need me to stay here with you, then I will. You just have to decide. It's up to you. I can go home... or stay. The decision is yours.
Chris: Well... I'm not sure. I'd be happier if you stayed in this world. If time does stop, we could stay here forever. Our friendship would never have to end. But Sonic... don't stay here... if it's gonna make you unhappy.
Sonic: Don't worry about me. [Stands up] As long as there's somewhere to run...
[He starts running.]
Sonic: ...I'll be happy.
[He stops in front of Chris.]
Sonic: I really wouldn't mind stayin' here with ya. Honest!
Chris: But... you can't stay here, Sonic. It wouldn't be right, would it? I can't let time stop because I wouldn't want to lose your friendship. [Starts crying] It was wrong of me... to try to keep you in this world... It's just... I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet... You've always been there for me when I needed you, but in the end, I let you down. I'm sorry! I was just selfish... Please forgive me...
[He sits down, and his tears land on the ground. Sonic places his hand on Chris' shoulder.]
Sonic: Hey. No tears.
Chris: When you're gone, I'll be alone again, like I was before you came.
[A flashback of the toddler Chris at the door after his parents leave is shown. Another shot of Chris with his parents' presents is shown.]
Chris: Ever since I was little, I've been waiting for a friend like you, Sonic. It's just so hard to say goodbye.
[Sonic leaps onto a nearby rock.]
Sonic: Maybe this isn't goodbye. Maybe our worlds were meant to come together somehow. If that's true... then we will see each other again... some day...
Chris: [Stands up] Some day...
[He hugs Sonic.]
Sonic: In the meantime, whenever we miss each other, we can look at the moon. It looks the same from both worlds, you know.
[The camera redirects to the moon above.]

[Scene Change: Forest]

[Nelson and Lindsey are running through a forest, Nelson bearing a torch. They are searching for Chris, as it has now been twenty-four hours since Chris shut down the portal and run off with Sonic.]
Lindsey: Chris was so happy when we came here years ago. He's here. I'm sure!
Nelson: I bet Chris is waiting for us... and we'll have a chance to make everything up to him now.
Lindsey: Chris!
Nelson: Chris!
[Soon the villa is in sight. They search the grounds for Chris. They spot Chris standing on the dock. Chris turns around and smiles. The episode ends and the credits roll.]