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Friend or Foe? (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Friend or Foe?".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): Following their quest, my children continued to learn one lesson: that things are not always what they seem.
Manic: Hang loose, Sonia, it's just a rumor!
Sonia: Duh! But what if Mother really is here?
Sonic: She'd better be! I missed the opening of a new chili dog stand for this. [walks out onto the island] This is the dreaded Floating Island? Oooh, I'm scared(!)
Sonia: Sonic! Remember what the Oracle said. The Floating Island is fraught with danger. Beware the echidna.
Sonic: Fraught? What kind of stupid word is that?!
Sonia: Fraught means "filled", as in "filled with danger".
Sonic: What danger? If you're so fraught, I'll check this place out.
Sonia: SONIC!
Sonic: Aaarghh!
Manic and Sonia: [gasps] [sees Sonic in a trap] Huh?
Manic: Just hangin' out, bro?
Sonia: Like I said... fraught with danger!
Sonic: Danger? You mean this nifty hammock?
Manic: We'll call this Echidna 1, Hedgehog 0.
Robotnik: Answer me, you fools! Sleet! Dingo!
Dingo: Mmmm, tuna fish, my favorite!
Sleet: Shut up and eat. Robotnik should be calling soon.
Robotnik: Sleet! Do you hear me? Answer me or you're bot bait!
Dingo: Huh? Boy, I must be hungrier than I thought. My stomach is really growling! And it sounds like Robotnik!
Sleet: Oh, you are so stupid!
Robotnik: Dunderheads! You have ten seconds to answer me. Ten...
Dingo: Me? But I just said-
Sleet: It is Robotnik, you moron!
Dingo: Where?!
Sleet: [gasps] Oof!
Robotnik: Seven... Six...
Sleet: On the communicator! Hold still, you half-wit.
Robotnik: Five...
Dingo: Oh.
Robotnik: Four... Three...
Sleet: Ah...
Robotnik: Two... [Sleet switches on the screen] One! About time. Where were you?
Sleet: Uh, er...
Robotnik: Silence! Apparently the hedgehogs believe the rumors. Intelligence reports they're on the way. You know the plan. Turn the echidna against the hedgehogs and get me the Chaos Emerald.
Sleet: And when we take the Emerald, the island will plummet down and crash!
Robotnik: And the hedgehogs will fall with it! [laughs]
Sleet: [snickers] Brilliant plan, sir. We are on our way. Sleet out. [switches off the screen] Put that in your backpack and let's go find the echidna.
Dingo: Er, what's an echidna?
Sleet: Not "what", you dolt! "Who". It's who guards this island. His name is Knuckles, and he's in for a big Robotnik surprise. He's tough, and he's especially known for his- [falls into a pit trap] TRAAAAPS!
Dingo: Whoooaah! [thud]
Knuckles: You wolf-faces should have stayed home. Now you get to be dinner!
[Sleet and Dingo also noticed that they're tied together to a rotisserie]
Dingo: You- you're gonna eat us?!
Knuckles: No.
Dingo: Oh, phew!
Sleet: Good.
Knuckles: [whistles]
[Chomps appears from a bush]
Sleet and Dingo: Waarrgh!
Knuckles: But Chomps will.
Sleet: You've got us all wrong, Mr. Knuckles. We are your friends!
Knuckles: Of course! All my friends sneak onto my island. I don't think so!
Sleet: No, you don't understand! We're here to stop the real invaders! Three hedgehogs! I can prove it!
Knuckles: How?
Sleet: Look in my pocket. [Knuckles picks up a remote] Press that button.
Dingo: [feeling the heat] Er, Sleet-
Sleet: Shut up! The red button.
Dingo: SLEET!
Sleet: Put a cork in it, Dingface! Check it out.
Sonic (hologram): Gotta cruise, dudes! We gotta find that Chaos Emerald before that dopey defender Knuckles gets us!
Sonia (hologram): You are not often right, older brother, but on this occasion I agree. Come, Manic!
Manic (hologram): We are more clever than that dumb Knuckles guy!
Sleet: M-Mr. Knuckles, we're getting a little warm here, if you don't mind, eh...
Knuckles: Those hedgehogs want the Emerald, do they? Well, they'll have to get past me! All right, you wolf-faces are free to go - this time. But you must leave the island now!
Sleet: An amiable deal, my friend. We'll be off the island faster than you can say "Sonic the Hedgehog".
Knuckles: Sorry, Chomps. But cheer up! I hear hedgehogs have just come into season...
Dingo: Nice doggy... [Chomps threatens him] Arrgh!
Sleet: Outta here!
Dingo: Aaargh!
Sonic (hologram): We gotta find those Emeralds. Gotta find those Emeralds.
Sonic: [gasps]
Manic: Oof!
Sonic: [laughs loud]
Sonia: Shhh! I'm getting a feeling, like there's something close by.
Sonic: Oh, big whoop! We're following your feelings around? Boy, it just doesn't get any better than this(!)
Sonia: Hey guys! Look at this! A sacred pool. I've read about these!
Sonic: Huh?
Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Whoa, we're talkin' some serious special effects!
Sonia: I can't believe it really exists! [Manic tries to touch it] Manic, don't!
Manic: What?
Sonia: I see something forming.
Manic: Mom!
Sonia: She's here! I knew it!
Sonic: Wow, looks like you were right, Sonia!
Sonia: You're saying I'm right? Manic, you're a witness.
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: [gasps] [the ground cracks open and they scream] Huh? [Knuckles bursts out] Aaarrgh!
Manic: What's happening? Whoa, dude! You nailed that landing. I give it a 10!
Knuckles: Hedgehog thieves!
Sonic: [coughs] Not exactly the welcome mat we expected.
Sonia: [coughs] Look at this! You'd better have a real good dry-cleaners on this rock!
Knuckles: You came here to steal the Emerald, but I'll stop you!
Sonic: Chill, fella, we're not thieves! [looks at Manic] Well, mostly we're not. Anyway...
Knuckles: [growls]
Sonic: Huh? [falls back] Oof! Nice to meet you, too(!)
Knuckles: I hate thieves!
Sonia: Sonic! Are you all right?
Manic: Boy, that guy's good!
Sonic: What are you, nuts? 'Cos if you're thinking of starting a fan club, Manic... here comes your hero!
Manic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: Okay, knuckle-boy. If that's the way you wanna play it, let's get basic!
Sonia: Sonic, wait! Maybe we can reason with him.
Sonic: Good idea, sis... NOT! Here's a taste of the Super Sonic Triple Spin, pal!
Sonia: [gasps]
Knuckles: Whoooaa!
Sonic: Whoaa!
Knuckles: Ugh!
Sonic: You guys can jump in here any time, y'know.
Manic: Ah, we knew you had it covered.
Sonia: This time, we're gonna reason with him! Where'd he go?
Sonic: Guess Super Spin was a little too much for him.
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Huh?
Manic: I would bet... not!
Sonia: Listen, echidna guy! We aren't here to steal anything! We're here to find Queen Aleena!
Manic: Whoa, maybe that worked!
Sonic: Hey sis, what are your feelings telling you now?
Sonia: Er... that we'd better LEAVE!
Sonic: Huh?
Manic: Huh?
Knuckles: You're lying!
Sonic: I'll handle this.
Sonia: Sure! Why not? You've done such a superb job so far(!)
Manic and Sonia: [both scream]
Knuckles: [gasps] [Sonic spins him round] Whooaa! Aaaagh!
Sonic: One more time! [Knuckles burrows into the ground] Come back and fight, knuckle-butt!
Knuckles: Lying hedgehogs! Thieves!
Sonic: Huh?
Sonia: Okay. I've had enough.
Knuckles: [yells then cuts a support rope] Heh!
Manic and Sonia: [both scream]
Sonic: Hang on, guys! Here I- [falls into a trap] Whooaaa! [grabs the edge] Yes! [Knuckles arrives to drop him in] No! [strains] [falls and screams]
Knuckles: Goodbye, hedgehogs!
Sonic: Ooh, ah, ooh! Ah... [lands and gets stuck] Huh? [strains] Hah! That's it. You're toast, knuckle-head! Outta here!
Sleet: That echidna is even dumber than you, Dingo.
Dingo: Thank you!
Sleet: Then again, maybe not. I bet those hedgehogs are history by now! [cackles] [finds a river] Come on! We have to go down the river to get to the Emerald.
Dingo: In what? [Sleet morphs him into a rowboat] I had to ask...
Sonia: This doesn't look promising.
Manic: Guess we'll have to wait for Sonic.
Sonia: Guess again!
Sonic: This is the place! [looks into the pit] Whoa. Hellooooo? Here goes nothin'...
Knuckles: Hedgehog?
Sonic: That's gotta hurt. [Knuckles charges at him] Whoa, take a chill pill, dude! You're way too excited.
Knuckles: Heearrrgh!
Sonic: Obviously you haven't heard about the famous hedgehog's speed. All right, take your best shot!
Sonia: That should do it!
Manic: Crashin'!
Knuckles: Now you're mine, hedgehog!
Sonic: Ah, ah, uh, ooh, uh, ah! Come on. You can do better than that, knuckle-brain! We're not done yet, pal. You're takin' me to Sonia and Manic!
Manic: Rippin' glow!
Sonia: Are you kidding? This light does nothing for my complexion. [sees the river] Oh, how beautiful!
Manic: Yeah...
Manic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonia: What's that noise?
Manic and Sonia: Huh?
Sonic (hologram): We gotta find that Chaos Emerald before that dopey defender Knuckles gets us!
Sonia: Now there's something you don't see every day!
Sonic: Hmm, that first step's a real trip.
Knuckles: Hey, hedgehog! Can you fly?
Sonic: Huh? [Knuckles cracks the bridge] Bummer majores...
Sonic: Only one chance! [jumps across] Uhh! Eyah! Spin and win time!
Knuckles: No!
Sonic: That wasn't very nice.
Knuckles: Ah, ahh...!
Sonic: Hmm, need a hand? Ah... just a little joke there!
Knuckles: Wah, wah... [falls off the island] Whooaa! Whooaaa!
Sonic: Uh!
Knuckles: Why'd ya save me?
Sonic: Let's talk, bud.
Sonia: There there, we'll fix it!
Manic: I guess. Here goes nothin'!
Sonia: Huh? [Chomps coughs up the remote] [gasps]
Manic: Yuck! Thanks. Ugh...
Sonia: A holo-projector? This reeks of Robotnik!
Manic: No, I think it's his breath!
Sonia: Très drôle. So, big guy, where'd you get this?
Manic: Not gonna work like that, sis. Let me try.
Sonia: Fine!
Manic: Okay, pal. One snap means "yes", two snaps means "no". Got it?
[Chomps snaps once]
Sonia: Oh, get over yourself!
Manic: So, did ya get that thing from a big round guy with a mustache?
[Chomps snaps twice]
Manic: Ah... what about a big ugly dog kinda guy with a little sleazeball?
[Chomps snaps once]
Sonia: Sleet and Dingo. Nice work, bro! Can you take us to them?
[Chomps snaps once]
Sleet: Aha!
Dingo: Ouch! [Sleet morphs him back] [spits] [sees the Emerald] [gasps] Is that it?
Sleet: It's fantastic!
Knuckles: Then the wolf-faces left the Floating Island.
Sonic: Left? Seems hard to believe, Knuck. They're always after something.
Knuckles: THE EMERALD! [sees Sleet and Dingo in the Sacred Pool with the Emerald] Nooooo!
Sonic and Knuckles: [gasps]
Sonic: Whoa! Why am I floating?!
Knuckles: You're not floating, the island is falling!
Sonic and Knuckles: Oof!
Sleet: Take this. We have to get out of here.
Sonia: Not so fast, Sleet!
Dingo: Aww, Sonia!
Sleet: How convenient! [escapes through the hole] Hurry, Dingo!
Sonic and Knuckles: Whoa, oof!
Sonic: Man, we'd better get that Emerald back, or we're gonna splatter like bugs when we hit!
Sonia: Sonic!
Sonic and Knuckles: Huh?
Sonia: Up there! Sleet and Dingo!
Sonic: [gasps]
Sleet: [chuckles] Almost there! Hurry, Dingo!
Dingo: Look! Ah, it's Sonia again! [stubs his toe] Oww! [drops the Emerald] Uh-oh.
Sleet: Dingo, let's go! [sees the Emerald rolling away] Argh, you idiot! [pushes a button] SWATbots, move out. Retrieve the Emerald.
Sonia: They're getting away!
Sonic: But not with the Emerald! Look! Let's do it to it!
["Not Always What They Seem" plays]
Sonic: Sonia? Manic?
Sonia: Hey!
Manic: We did it!
Manic and Sonia: Whoa!
Knuckles: Sonic! The Emerald!
Robotnik: Sleet! Dingo! You'd better have the Emerald. If you don't, I'm going to have you roboticized piece by piece! Where are you?! ANSWER ME!
Dingo: Sleet, did you ever hear a little voice, like, talkin' to ya?
Knuckles: This is krupnik, an echidnan delicacy. It's good! Go ahead, eat up!
Sonic: [sniffs] Ahh, thanks Knux!
Knuckles: So, why did you come to Floating Island?
Manic: To find our Mom, Queen Aleena.
Knuckles: Queen Aleena is your Mom? Why didn't you say so? I knew her! She was here when I was just a kid!
Knuckles: She left this for you.
Sonia: In the final days of Robotnik's tyranny...
Aleena (narrating): ...allies will unite with my children. First among them will be Knuckles, guardian of the Chaos Emerald.
[The credits roll]

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