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FriendSpace's on-screen interface with friend requests on it.

FriendSpace[1] is a subject that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a social media platform that allows users to "friend" each other and chat with one another.


FriendSpace is a social networking platform that lets any user of the site put up posts online. These posts can be anything, such as a comment of someone's day, a check-in, an article, or a photo of things like an outdated meme or an animated GIF. Users can also hashtag their posts and tag others users in different posts.[1]

Users on FriendSpace can become "friends" with other users, granting them access to sharing posts with their "friends". Posts that are rapidly shared between multiple users are said to be "trending". However, if a friend were to "unfriend" another user, the user who was unfriended cannot send their former friend a post.[1]


TV series

Season two

Dr. Eggman was eventually sent a chain letter on FriendSpace which said he would be "cursed" with bad luck if he did not forward this post to three friends. Demanding Orbot and Cubot to follow him on FriendSpace, he desparately attempted to find a third friend. Sonic the Hedgehog eventually agreed to follow Eggman on FriendSpace so he would know when Eggman was about to begin one of his evil plans. However, Sonic ended up being bombarded with notifications of Eggman sharing posts with him. Growing frustrated, Sonic unfriended Eggman on FriendSpace, which compelled Eggman to create a new social media platform that Sonic was not allowed to join.[1]

List of users


  • FriendSpace is a parody of the real life social media platforms Myspace (naming-wise) and Facebook (features-wise).


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