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The Fridge Brute[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is a mass-produced model of Destruction Troops created by Lyric the Last Ancient, capable of using ice-based attacks in conjunction with its massive strength.


The Fridge Brutes are tall and massive pale yellow robots with grey joints. They have a round upper torso with two light blue lenses resembling searchlights over each shoulder, which are connected to the torso by light blue cables. They also have two low-positioned arms with a round sphere with caps as their right hand and a blue-lensed cannon with a light blue cable as their left hand. They also have a thin waist with light blue lights and a cup-shaped torso with three grey legs covered in pale yellow armor. Connected to their chest by a thin neck is a blue eye with light blue sclera, a slit-like pupil and armored eyelids with an adjustable horn on top. In addition, their upper body is covered in a layer of ice.


About a millennium ago, the Fridge Brutes were created by Lyric the Last Ancient to help with his plans to destroy the earth's lifeforms and conquer it. When Lyric was imprisoned before achieving his goals, the Fridge Brutes were shut down.[2] However, as a contingency plan, Lyric left some of them behind to be found so the finders would set him free to learn the Fridge Brutes' secrets.[3] When Lyric was released in the present, he reactivated and/or reclaimed all his Fridge Brutes to have them aid his schemes and battle Team Sonic.

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Tails fighting a Fridge Brute.

The Fridge Brutes are uncommon enemies that serve more or less as small minibosses. The player encounters them in Slowpoke Isle and Lyric's Lair. In gameplay, they attack by either hammering with their ice maces or shooting beams that create temporary ice patches if they hit the ground. If the player touches the Fridge Brutes' beams or ice patches, the characters not only take damage, but are also immobilized in ice, though the player can eventually break free. Additionally, they can make themselves invulnerable to damage and unfazed by attacks for a few seconds by glowing blue.

The Fridge Brutes are some of the strongest enemies in the game. In addition, they have a large amount of health. Also, their size makes them impossible to be lassoed with the Enerbeam. If the player can stun them though, the player can yank the Fridge Brutes with the Enerbeam by pressing WiiDSA to instantly destroy them, where they will freeze themselves until they explode. When defeated, the Fridge Brutes release six Rings and a varying amount of Robot Scrap.

After Team Sonic defeated Lyric, all the Fridge Brutes were subsequently scrapped.


The Fridge Brutes are basically mindless and silent drones unwaveringly loyal to Lyric the Last Ancient, having been programmed to obey his every command.[2] They do exhibit some traits of gloating though, occasionally standing triumphant and making movements indicating a mocking laugh. Their loyalty is also only superficial, as the Fridge Brutes are just soulless machines adhering to their programming, meaning their allegiance can easily shift when someone else takes control of them.

Powers and abilities

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A force field-protected Fridge Brute creating ice.

The Fridge Brutes are impressively tough robots, capable of withstanding excessive amounts of damage. Using Ancient energy as a cooling agent,[4] they can shoot beams with their cannon at such low temperatures that those that touch them (or their ice patches) will be frozen solid. Similarly, they can generate ice in the shape of a mace around their right hand which they can use with terrifying efficiency in close combat. They can also temporarily cloak their entire bodies in a blue force field, making them invulnerable to harm.


  • The Fridge Brutes' name was not revealed in the final version of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. However, their name is listed in an unused biography for the game.[1]


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