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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Friar Buck is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a mobian deer and a member of the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters along with Rob O' the Hedge. He was captured by the High Sheriff and subjected to roboticization, but was later restored to normal by the Bem. He returned to Rob's side along with the other Crazy Kritters, and was present with him and his family listening to the Xorda ultimatum and was also present at the collective assault on the Quantum Dial in the Southern Tundra. When the Eggman Empire re-established control in Mercia, Buck moved to Hideaway in Deerwood Forest, where he continued to aid his fellow Freedom Fighters.


Buck is a mobian brown deer with green eyes and tall antlers. He generally wears simple green robes with a cord belt. As a robian, his eyes were red.


Mercian Freedom Fighter

Friar Buck as a Robian.

He started his life as a humble student of the Tomes. When Dr. Robotnik began to attack Mercia, Friar Buck worked in secret to keep the kindgom's records and censuses intact. He kept track of the identities of those captured until he too was one day captured and roboticized. As a Robian, he was forced to serve under the High Sheriff against the rightful king, Rob o' the Hedge. (StH: #58KtE: #12CSE)

Eventually, virtually all Robians including Buck were deroboticized by the Bem. When the Xorda attacked Mobius, Friar Buck joined Rob in participating in an attack against the Quantum Dial in the Southern Tundra. (StH: #123#124#125)

A New Threat in Mercia

Later on, Rob had left the Mercian Freedom Fighters to protect his family from the Dark Egg Legion. However, the Chaotix - Vector, Espio, and Charmy - had came along, and Buck, along with the other Mercian Freedom Fighters - Bow Sparrow, Thorn the Lop, Munch Rat, and Alan Quail - helped them defeat G.O.O.N.s. With that, the Chaotix ask if they have had seen their friends Mighty and Ray. They say yes, but not in sometime. After taking care of the two Chaotix members and then, in a scenario of the Legion forces attacking the Hideaway, Mighty and Ray leave them after knowing that Mighty's sister was roboticized five years ago by Friar's notes and with Bow's signal to leave to Snottingham Castle. And so, Friar, the Mercian Freedom Fighters and the three Chaotix members leave to Lord Hood's Fortress, as they will both save villagers from Mercia and possilby Mighty and Ray if they were captured. (SU #46)

Friar Buck, along with the Chaotix and Mercian Freedom Fighters, helped villagers from Deerwood Forest escape Lord Hood's dungeon. However, Lord Mordred Hood then came with his minions, but they were defeated easily. However, Lord Hood hypnotized the Freedom Fighters to stop saving villagers, but Vector came and punched him in the back. Friar and the others escaped the fortress after briefly being surrounded by G.O.O.N.s and Lord Hood and his minions via Warp Ring. Buck and his companions freed all the prisoners, but the Friar was forced to tell Bow that no one they had been searching for-namely Rob, his family, Mighty, or Ray-were among them. Bow responded by reverting to his natural speech, and Buck calmly informed him that his "King's speech" was slipping. Friar Buck and the others were then surprised as Lord Hood and his men entered the dungeons, but help arrived as the Chaotix ambushed him from behind after a brief scuffle between him and the Freedom Fighters. Buck then provided encouragement to the prisoners and his friends-calling them "brothers and sisters"-as they made their way out of the fortress, later using the Warp Ring to escape back to Hideaway. After a celebration, the Freedom Fighters bid farewell to the Chaotix as they left to continue their search. (SU #47)


Buck is generally serene and friendly with a subtle sense of humour. A holy man, Buck prefers not to engage directly in combat, much like Guru Emu of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. As such, he leaves battle to his more aggressive compatriots, though he is quick to suggest peaceful solutions to the opponents of his team. He is also known for utilizing booby traps to subdue his opponents without causing them actual harm.





  • Friar Buck is a reference to folk character Friar Tuck in the legends of Robin Hood, just as Rob O' the Hedge is a reference to Hood himself.
    • His name could also mean a reference to a friar, which is a holy priest, and that Friar Buck is nicknamed a "holy man."

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