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The Freedom Stormer[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a biplane utilized by the Knothole Freedom Fighters.


Freedom Stormer is a fairly large biplane. However, it is of poor design due to being made of patched-up and crocked parts. It has a body in the shades of yellow, brown, and beige, and it has a long, gray metal shovel on the front. However, it has no tailfin, and its wheels are unable to provide a stable landing. The Freedom Stormer must also take off from high places in order to be able to take off into the air and fly properly.[1]


TV series

Season one

Sonic and the Secret Scrolls 052

The Freedom Stormer flying over the Great Mountains.

One day, the Knothole Freedom Fighters showed Sonic the Freedom Stormer, which they intended to fly to Maga in and get the Secret Scrolls. However, Sonic was not happy with the plane, refusing to take part in the flight and preferring to run instead. Despite this, he helped the Freedom Stormer take off by unhooking the ropes holding it and allowing it to slip off a nearby cliff. The Freedom Stormer initially failed to take flight, but Rotor's piloting allowed him to level its course and make it assume normal flight. With the Freedom Stormer, Rotor, Sally, Antoine and Bunnie soon arrived at Maga. However, they could not make the Freedom Stormer stop when they had to land. Fortunately, Sonic rescued them by pulling the plane to a stop by grabbing the rope dangling from the rear and pulling it in the opposite direction. After obtaining the Secret Scrolls, the Knothole Freedom Fighters planned to return to Knothole Village by plane. This time however, Sonic wanted to fly it. His subsequent aerial stunts with the Freedom Stormer were not approved by its passengers.[1]


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