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Freedom Fighter leaders

The leaders of the Freedom Fighter groups.

Quotation1 All for one, and one for all. Freedom Fighters forever! Quotation2
— The Freedom Fighter leaders, "Cry of the Wolf"

The Freedom Fighters are an organization that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. They are a group of five resistance movements that was formed individually to overthrow the tyrannical dictatorship of Dr. Robotnik. These scattered group eventually united under the goal of stopping the Doomsday Project.


The five Freedom Fighter fractions were first formed to overthrow Dr. Robotnik following his coup and subsequent takeover of Mobotropolis in the year 3224.[1] However, instead of arising as a collective organization, each Freedom Fighter group was formed independently and waged their own private agendas against Robotnik's empire at their outposts, oblivious to the existence of the other groups. By some means, they became known to Princess Sally's father the King, who obtained a list of all five Freedom Fighter groups on Mobius.[2][3] One thing the majority of the groups sought was the king's daughter, Princess Sally.[1]

Around 3235, the Freedom Fighter Ari eventually got the information on the King's list and the other Freedom Fighters which he passed onto the Knothole Freedom Fighters before getting imprisoned in the Void.[2] After obtaining the list and freeing Ari,[3] the Knothole Freedom Fighters saw fit to establish a Freedom Fighters network between the groups. Once contact was made, the Freedom Fighter groups agreed to unite under the common goal of stopping the looming threat of the Doomsday Project.[4] The Freedom Fighter groups finally achieved their goal of overthrowing Robotnik when they banded together to stop the Doomsday Project.[5]

List of groups


Freedom Fighter groups typically act as individual cells, though they have recently begun to work together on missions. It has been rare for any group to have more than a dozen members. Typically, they prefer to use espionage, sabotage and guerrilla warfare.

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