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Federica's cousin and also a friend of Raimondo since they were little. He lives in the student dorms. Don't let the blank stare fool you: Franco is the son of a rich entrepreneur, and a very bright student. For some time now, he's had eyes for Lilli.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Franco (フランコ Furanko?) is a character that appears on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Spagonia who attends Spagonia University and is the son of a rich entrepreneur. He is also the childhood friend of Raimondo.


During his childhood, Franco met Raimondo and became good friends with him. In their early years together, Franco would hang out with Raimondo all the time, but as they grew older and Raimondo began to build up his tough guy image, they talked less and less with each other. Nevertheless, Franco remained good friends with Raimondo since then and was one of the few people that knew that he was a nice guy under his rough facade. At some prior to Sonic Unleashed, Franco attended Spagonia University and became a fine student in his subjects. During this period, Franco also met Lilli, whom he developed a crush on.

Following the earth's shattering, due to the awakening of Dark Gaia, and Professor Pickle kidnapping, Franco's classes were canceled and he was forced on a indefinite break until further notice. In the meantime, Franco was unaware that Professor Pickle had been kidnapped.

At some point afterwards, Franco walked into Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip, who were looking for Spagonia University in order to find Professor Pickle. At first Franco did not notice the duo as he was in deep thought, but once he understood that they were talking to him, Franco was all ears. Franco was questioned by Sonic and Chip about the university's location, and he helped them in the right direction. Soon after, Sonic and Chip returned and Franco was shocked to hear that Professor Pickle had been kidnapped. He did, however, assume immediately afterward that they were playing a joke on him, and subsequently scolded them. After Sonic, Tails and Chip later saved Professor Pickle, Franco ran into Sonic and Chip again and heard that they were looking for the Gaia Temples. Remembering that he had read about such a temple in a geography book, Franco told them that they could find such a temple in Mazuri.

During an afternoon where all the students were on break from their studies, Franco saw Lilli having a cozy talk with Raimondo. Seeing the girl he liked talking to his good friend made Franco both jealous and depressed, but he did not choose to hold any grudge against Raimondo for that. Franco later told Sonic and Chip when he met them about what he had seen and felt, and revealed that Raimondo was a nice guy. Later, during the following night, Franco ran into Sonic the Werehog, though he was once again caught in his own little world upon their encounter. Once Franco snapped out of it, however, he was shocked to see Sonic's Werehog form. As Sonic tried to explain to Franco that they had met before, he could initially not recognize him, but then suddenly realized that Sonic was the same person he met earlier.

During the next night, Franco met Sonic and Chip again and had a talk with them about the seemingly good time Lilli and Raimondo had together, and told them about how he wondered about what Lilli and Raimondo were talking about and how cozy they looked. Franco, however, quickly realized that he had told Sonic and Chip more that he wanted them to hear, and asked them to ignore him. During the following day, however, Franco saw Federica talking to Raimondo and assumed that they were a couple. This surprised Franco, as he did not know that they were this close.

Due to all the events concerning Raimondo and those people he felt close to, Franco began to reminisce the old day with Raimondo. When Federica and Raimondo later went on a trip to Apotos, Franco noticed that Lilli seemed concerned. This, in turn, made Franco concerned about Lilli, as he thought that Lilli could like Raimondo, and by seeing Raimondo with Federica had hurt Lilli's feelings. Ironically, Franco did not understand himself why he was concerned.

When Federica and Raimondo returned from Apotos, Franco was approached by Federica who told him about how Raimodo just did not seem interested in her despite her attempts to get close to him. Trying to comfort her while still being honest, Franco told Federica that Raimondo had always been like this so it probably did not mean that he did not like her, though Franco doubted that it would help her very much.

Not long after having talked with Federica, Franco found himself with Lilli, who asked him if Federica was going out with Raimondo.Franco replied that he was wondering about that pairing too, but when Lilli asked for the truth as she had to know, Franco told her that he could not speak for Federica, but that he was sure that Raimondo did not think of Federica as his girlfriend, nor that they were dating. Franco also told her that Federica seemed to be struggling with the same thing.

Upon seeing Lilli in such turmoil over Raimondo and Federica, Franco decided to go to Raimondo and clear things up. When he found him, Franco asked Raimondo to cough it up and to tell him about his relationship with Federica. When Raimondo said that he and Frederica were just friends, Franco angrily asked Raimondo where that left poor Lilli, and explained that she had a crush on Raimondo and told him to think about her feelings for a change. As Raimondo asked Franco if it was true that Lilli liked him, Franco furiously told him to pay attention to other people’s feelings.

After that, Franco watched on as Raimondo and Lilli mended their relationship and became a couple. Though he was sad that he had lost the girl he liked, Franco was glad on behalf of Lilli as it meant that she was happy. When he later met up with Sonic and Chip, Franco told them that he would be fine and that he knew what it was, though it still came as a shock to him. Franco later stood together with Federica and talked with her about how Raimondo and Lilli fit so well together, to which Franco replied that they were a lot alike.


While Franco appears absent-minded, it is merely a sign that he is deep in thought. It fact, he is a very bright student. He originally had a crush on Lilli, but was willing to let her go so she could be with her crush, Raimondo.


  • Franco looks nearly identical to Professor Pickle's Assistant, but it is never stated if it was mere coincidence or if they are related to one another.


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