Francesca is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). She is an inquisitive little girl who lives in the Castle Town area with her parents, who always look out for her. She only appears in Sonic's story of the game.


Francesca explaining why she was on the roof.

At one point, Francesca got word that Dr. Eggman was heading for the Dusty Desert region. The curious child she was, Francesca climbed up onto a high rooftop to get a closer look and keep watch, but unfortunately, she was unable to climb back down to the ground and became upset. Her parents were extremely worried about their missing daughter and had even called the Soleanna Royal Guards to investigate.

Thankfully, Sonic came to the rescue by sliding under a wall using his Antigravity Level Up Item, jumping onto the roof and bringing poor Francesca down to safety. As a reward, Sonic was allowed to access Dusty Desert and continue his adventure to rescue Princess Elise.

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