You may be looking for Frances from Sonic X.

Frances is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Most likely based in New City, she is an affiliate of the Guardian Units of Nations and the head of the agency's decryption unit. This is a subset of G.U.N. which deals with the solving of secret codes and hacking of security. Becoming a member of this unit requires first-rate intelligence and thinking skills due to the complicated nature of the work involved.


Frances asking Shadow to join her group.

In Shadow's story, Frances gives Shadow his tenth Town Mission. It has been quite a long time since the two have convened, but Frances is seeking to recruit G.U.N. agents who are skilled enough to become part of the decryption team. At first, she doubts that Shadow will be qualified for the position, knowing his affinity for violence and action and his resistance to brainwork. However, she then tries to get Shadow to prove her wrong. She gives him an intelligence test consisting of three questions, and for each question, he must use the numbers in a grid to figure out the number that belongs in the blank square and destroy the crate with the correct answer. When Shadow successfully solves all three questions, Frances estimates his intelligence quotient at 200, and then begs him to join the decryption unit.


  • Frances uses the same character design as Gina and Liza.

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